Half of households in Timor-Leste use an improved sanitation facility.
2016 Timor-Leste DHS »
49% of women and 38% of men age 35-64 in Haiti have high blood pressure.
2016-17 Haiti DHS »
In Ghana, the maternal mortality ratio is 310 deaths per 100,000 live births in the 7-year period before the survey.
2017 Ghana MHS »
Nearly 7 in 10 pregnant women in Rwanda slept under an insecticide-treated net the night before the survey.
2017 Rwanda MIS »
The 2017-18 Jordan PFHS collected data from Jordanian and Syrian households.
2017-18 Jordan Key Indicators Report »
7 out of 10 health facilities that provide child vaccination services in DRC had all basic childhood vaccines available on the day of the survey.
2017-18 DRC SPA »
Women in Pakistan have an average of 3.6 children.
2017-18 Pakistan DHS Key Indicators Report »

The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program has collected, analyzed, and disseminated accurate and representative data on population, health, HIV, and nutrition through more than 300 surveys in over 90 countries.



Facility-based Nutrition Readiness and Delivery of Maternal and Child Nutrition Services using Service Provision Assessment Surveys (English)
Consistency of Reporting of Terminated Pregnancies in DHS Calendars (English)
The Effect of Interviewer Characteristics on Data Quality in DHS Surveys (English)



The Online Guide to DHS Statistics Now Available
The Guide to DHS Statistics is a reference to help users who work with DHS survey indicators and datasets to better understand indicator definitions and the calculations used to generate the survey results.
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DHS-VII Recode Manual Now Available
The DHS-VII Recode Manual describes each DHS data file and the variables contained in them. Dataset users are strongly encouraged to download the DHS recode manual for use with all recode files.
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