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Quickstats list the most popular indicators and provide an overview of a country's demographic and health issues.



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Step-by-step guidelines for dataset users from registration to dataset analysis.

Using Datasets for Analysis

New to analyzing DHS data? A step-by-step guide to DHS data analysis.

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When you are ready to delve into the dataset, variable definitions, recode manuals, and questionnaires are essential.

Contraceptive Calendar Tutorial

A five module tutorial with accompanying example in Stata and SPSS about the DHS Contraceptive Calendar data.

Online Tools



Compare data across countries and trends over time for hundreds of population, health and nutrition indicators. Choose indicators for over 200 surveys and create customized tables, graphs, charts and maps. See the STATcompiler tutorials for instructions on the use of the STATcompiler. See STATcompiler comparability for information on the comparability of STATcompiler results and differences from results in the final reports.

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Download the free DHS Program mobile app that provides major indicators for DHS surveys at your fingertips.

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Discover discussions regarding The DHS Program data and results.

DHS Application Programming Interface (API)

Build apps, websites, and tools for devices, platforms, and organizations.


Explore key indicators with user-friendly data dashboards.

Guide to DHS Statistics

The Online Guide to DHS Statistics is a reference to help users who work with DHS survey indicators.


Download harmonized DHS data and documentation for Africa and India to facilitate comparative research across time and countries.

Spatial Data Repository

Integrate your own GIS data with DHS indicators data. Data are provided at the sub-national level in shapefiles.

Malaria Indicator Surveys

Access Malaria Indicator Survey datasets and documentation for malaria researchers.

Wealth Index Construction

Download details of the construction of the wealth index for each survey.

Survey Sampling Tools

Survey sampling tools available online.

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The DHS Program is authorized to distribute, at no cost, unrestricted survey data files for legitimate academic research. Registration is required for access to data.

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