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The DHS Program's in-house Research and Analysis team conducts rigorous, timely, and innovative mixed-methods research on topics related to global public health, demography, and social epidemiology. Our team also trains, mentors, and closely collaborates with fellow researchers and stakeholders who are driven to utilize DHS Program surveys and other survey data to inform programs and policies in various countries and contexts.

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DHS Research Reports

Sep 2023

Consistency of Pregnancy Outcome and Contraceptive Reporting Using the Pregnancy History Versus Birth History

This study examines the consistency of reporting for two important pieces of information from the DHS reproductive calendar: first, births and terminations and second, contraceptive use.

Topics: Survey Methodology, Data Quality, Analysis


Sep 2023

The Effect of Fertility Behavior on Child Survival: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 2012–2022

Reducing child mortality is a major public health concern.

Topics: Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Infant and Child Mortality


Sep 2023

Community Improved Sanitation Coverage and Childhood Stunting

Lack of access to improved sanitation facilities remains a global problem, with an estimated 1.

Topics: Adult Health Issues, Nutrition


Aug 2023

Internal Adult Women Migrants' Use and Access to Health Services in 15 DHS Countries

This report uses Demographic and Health Survey data from 15 countries to examine internal migration of adult women age 18–49 between rural and urban areas and its relationship with access to and use of health services.

Topics: Household and Respondent Characteristics


Aug 2023

Pregnancy History Model Analysis Plan: Determinants of Stillbirth

This document is a model analysis plan for the further analysis of data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program.

Topics: Survey Methodology, Data Quality, Analysis


Aug 2023

Trends in Men’s Gender Attitudes: Progress, Backsliding, or Stagnation?

A growing literature has shown that social norms influence a wide range of social, health, and demographic outcomes and behaviors.

Topics: Gender, Mental Health


Sep 2022

Modeling COVID-19 Related Indicators at the Second Subnational Administrative Level

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major burden to global public health in recent years, and has caused substantial morbidity and mortality.

Topics: COVID-19


Sep 2022

Evaluation of Implausible Anthropometric Values by Data Collection Team in Demographic and Health Surveys 2010–2020

High quality anthropometry data is required to inform country and global decisions on nutrition policies and programs in low and middle-income countries.

Topics: Anthropometry/Biomarkers, Survey Methodology, Data Quality, Analysis


Sep 2022

The Gender Digital Divide: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys

Women may have less access to digital resources and use them less often than men; further, certain groups of women may be particularly disadvantaged in their use of digital technologies.

Topics: Gender


Sep 2022

Electrification and Refrigeration: Associations with Child Nutrition and Vaccination

Ensuring universal, equitable, and reliable access to electricity is a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for 2030.

Topics: Child Health and Development, Nutrition