Wealth Index Construction

The wealth index is a composite measure of a household's cumulative living standard. The wealth index is calculated using easy-to-collect data on a household's ownership of selected assets, such as televisions and bicycles; materials used for housing construction; and types of water access and sanitation facilities.

The details of the construction of the wealth index for each DHS survey are presented below, and include:

  • An Excel file containing the key results of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) used to construct the wealth index
  • A PDF of the key results of the PCA
  • A PDF of the set of commands used in SPSS to construct the wealth index

More detailed information about the DHS Wealth Index Files and about the steps to constructing the new DHS Wealth Index.

Afghanistan DHS 2015 Afghanistan DHS 2015.xlsx
Afghanistan DHS 2015.pdf
Afghanistan DHS 2015.sps.txt
Afghanistan Other 2010
Albania DHS 2008-09 Albania 2008-09.xlsx
Albania 2008-09.pdf
Albania 2008-2009 sps.txt
Albania DHS 2017-18 Albania DHS 2017-18.xlsx
Albania DHS 2017-18.pdf
Albania DHS 2017.sps.txt
Angola DHS 2015-16 Angola DHS 2015.xlsx
Angola DHS 2015.pdf
Angola 2015.sps.txt
Angola MIS 2006-07 angola mis 2006-07.xlsx
angola mis 2006-07.pdf
angola mis 2006-07 sps.pdf
Angola MIS 2011 angola mis 2011.xlsx
angola mis 2011.pdf
angola mis 2011 sps.pdf
Armenia DHS 2000 armenia 2000.xlsx
armenia 2000.pdf
armenia 2000 sps.pdf
Armenia DHS 2005 armenia 2005.xlsx
armenia 2005.pdf
armenia 2005 sps.pdf
Armenia DHS 2015-16 Armenia DHS 2015.xlsx
Armenia DHS 2015.pdf
Armernia DHS 2015.sps.txt
Azerbaijan DHS 2006 azerbaijan 2006.xlsx
azerbaijan 2006 pca.pdf
azerbaijan 2006.pdf
azerbaijan 2006 sps.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 1996-97 bangladesh 1996-97.xlsx
bangladesh 1996-97.pdf
bangladesh 1996-97 sps.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 1999-00 bangladesh 1999-00.xlsx
bangladesh 1999-00.pdf
bangladesh 1999-00 sps.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 2004 bangladesh 2004.xlsx
bangladesh 2004.pdf
bangladesh 2004 sps.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 2007 bangladesh 2007.xlsx
bangladesh 2007.pdf
bangladesh 2007 exported sps.pdf
bangladesh 2007 sps.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 2011 bangladesh 2011.xlsx
bangladesh 2011.pdf
bangladesh 2011 sps.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 2014 Bangladesh 2014 DHS.xlsx
Bangladesh 2014 DHS.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 2014.sps.txt
Bangladesh DHS 2017-18 Bangladesh DHS 2017 -2018.xlsx
Bangladesh DHS 2017 -2018.pdf
Bangladesh DHS 2017-18.sps.txt
Benin DHS 1996 benin 1996.xlsx
benin 1996.pdf
benin 1996 sps.pdf
Benin DHS 2001 benin 2001.xlsx
benin 2001.pdf
benin 2001 exported sps.pdf
benin 2001 sps.pdf
Benin DHS 2006 benin 2006.xlsx
benin 2006 sps.pdf
Benin DHS 2011-12 benin 2011-12.xlsx
benin 2011-12.pdf
benin 2011-12 sps.pdf
Benin DHS 2017-18 Benin DHS 2017-18.xlsx
Benin DHS 2017-18.pdf
Benin DHS 2017-18.sps.txt
Bolivia DHS 1994 bolivia 1994.xlsx
bolivia 1994.pdf
bolivia 1994 sps.pdf
Bolivia DHS 1998 bolivia 1998.xlsx
bolivia 1998.pdf
bolivia 1998 sps.pdf
Bolivia DHS 2003 bolivia 2003.xlsx
bolivia 2003.pdf
bolivia 2003 sps.pdf
Bolivia DHS 2008 bolivia 2008.xlsx
bolivia 2008.pdf
bolivia 2008 sps.pdf
Brazil DHS 1996 brazil 1996.xlsx
brazil 1996.pdf
brazil 1996 sps.pdf
Burkina Faso DHS 1993 burkina faso 1993.xlsx
burkina faso 1993.pdf
burkina faso 1993 sps.pdf
Burkina Faso DHS 1998-99 burkina faso 1998-99.xlsx
burkina faso 1998-99.pdf
burkina faso 1998-99 sps.pdf
Burkina Faso DHS 2003 burkina faso 2003.xlsx
burkina faso 2003.pdf
burkina faso 2003 sps.pdf
Burkina Faso DHS 2021 Burkina Faso DHS 2021.xlsx
Burkina Faso DHS 2021.pdf
Burkina Faso DHS 2021.sps.txt
Burkina Faso MIS 2014 Burkina Faso MIS 2014.xlsx
Burkina Faso MIS 2014.pdf
Burkina Faso MIS 2017-18 Burkina Faso 2017.xlsx
Burkina Faso 2017.pdf
Burkina Faso MIS 2017 sps.pdf
Burkina Faso MIS 2017 sps.txt
Burundi DHS 2016-17 Burundi DHS 2016.xlsx
Burundi DHS 2016.pdf
Burundi DHS 2016.sps.txt
Burundi MIS 2012 burundi mis 2012 wealth index summary.xlsx
burundi mis 2012 wealth index summary.pdf
burundi mis 2012 exported sps.pdf
burundi mis 2012 sps.pdf
Cambodia DHS 2000 cambodia 2000.xlsx
cambodia 2000.pdf
cambodia 2000 sps.pdf
Cambodia DHS 2005 cambodia 2005.xlsx
cambodia 2005.pdf
cambodia 2005 sps.pdf
Cambodia DHS 2010 cambodia 2010.xlsx
cambodia 2010.pdf
cambodia 2010 exported sps.pdf
cambodia 2010 sps.pdf
Cambodia DHS 2014 Cambodia 2014 DHS.xlsx
Cambodia 2014 DHS.pdf
Cambodia DHS 2021-22 Cambodia DHS 2021-22.xlsx
Cambodia DHS 2021-22.pdf
Cambodia DHS 2021-22.sps
Cameroon DHS 1991 cameroon 1991.xlsx
cameroon 1991.pdf
cameroon 1991 sps.pdf
Cameroon DHS 1998 cameroon 1998.xlsx
cameroon 1998.pdf
cameroon 1998 sps.pdf
Cameroon DHS 2004 cameroon 2004.xlsx
cameroon 2004.pdf
cameroon 2004 sps.pdf
Cameroon DHS 2011 cameroon 2011.xlsx
cameroon 2011.pdf
cameroon 2011 exported sps.pdf
cameroon 2011 sps.pdf
Cameroon DHS 2018 Cameroon DHS 2018.xlsx
Cameroon DHS 2018.pdf
Cameroon DHS 2018.txt
Cameroon MIS 2022 Cameroon MIS 2022.xlsx
Cameroon MIS 2022.pdf
Cameroon MIS 2022.sps.txt
Cape Verde DHS 2005 cape verde 2005.xlsx
cape verde 2005.pdf
cape verde 2005 exported sps.pdf
cape verde 2005 sps.pdf
Central African Republic DHS 1994-95 central african republic 1994-95.xlsx
central african republic 1994-95.pdf
Chad DHS 1996-97 chad 1996-97.xlsx
chad 1996-97.pdf
chad 1996-97 sps.pdf
Chad DHS 2004 Chad 2004.xlsx
chad 2004.pdf
chad 2004 sps.pdf
Chad DHS 2014-15 Chad 2014 DHS.xlsx
Chad 2014 DHS.pdf
Colombia DHS 1990 colombia 1990.xlsx
colombia 1990.pdf
colombia 1990 sps.pdf
Colombia DHS 1995 colombia 1995.xlsx
colombia 1995.pdf
colombia 1995 sps.pdf
Colombia DHS 2000 colombia 2000.xlsx
colombia 2000.pdf
colombia 2000 sps.pdf
Colombia DHS 2010 colombia 2010.xlsx
colombia 2010.pdf
colombia 2010 exported sps.pdf
colombia 2010 sps.pdf
Colombia DHS 2015 Colombia 2015.xlsx
Colombia 2015.pdf
Colombia DHS 2015.sps.txt
Comoros DHS 1996 comoros 1996.xlsx
comores 1996.pdf
comoros 1996 sps.pdf
Comoros DHS 2012 comoros 2012.xlsx
comoros 2012.pdf
comoros 2012 exported sps.pdf
comoros 2012 sps.pdf
Congo Democratic Republic DHS 2013-14 congo democratic republic 2013-14.xlsx
congo democratic republic 2013-14.pdf
congo democratic republic 2013-14 exported sps.pdf
congo democratic republic 2013-14 sps.pdf
Cote d'Ivoire AIS 2005 cote d'ivoire ais 2005.xlsx
cote d'ivoire ais 2005.pdf
cote d'ivoire ais 2005 sps.pdf
Cote d'Ivoire DHS 1994 cote d'ivoire 1994.xlsx
cote d'ivoire 1994.pdf
cote d'ivoire 1994 sps.pdf
Cote d'Ivoire DHS 1998-99 cote d'ivoire 1998-99.xlsx
cote d'ivoire 1998-99.pdf
Cote d'Ivoire DHS 2011-12 Cote d'Ivorie DHS 2011-12.xlsx
Cote d'Ivorie DHS 2011-12.pdf
Cote d'Ivoire 2011-12 sps.pdf
Cote d'Ivoire DHS 2021 Cote d'Ivoire DHS 2021.xlsx
Cote d'Ivoire DHS 2021.pdf
Cote d'Ivoire DHS 2021.sps.txt
Dominican Republic DHS 1996 dominican republic 1996.xlsx
dominican republic 1996.pdf
dominican republic 1996 sps.pdf
Dominican Republic DHS 1999 dominican republic 1999.xlsx
dominican republic 1999.pdf
dominican republic 1999 sps.pdf
Dominican Republic DHS 2002 dominican republic 2002.xlsx
dominican republic 2002.pdf
Dominican Republic DHS 2007 dominican republic 2007.xlsx
dominican republic 2007.pdf
dominican republic 2007 sps.pdf
Dominican Republic DHS 2013 dominican republic 2013.xlsx
dominican republic 2013.pdf
dominican republic 2013 exported sps.pdf
dominican republic 2013 sps.pdf
Egypt DHS 1995 egypt 1995.xlsx
egypt 1995.pdf
egypt 1995 sps.pdf
Egypt DHS 2000 egypt 2000.xlsx
egypt 2000.pdf
egypt 2000 sps.pdf
Egypt DHS 2008 egypt 2008.xlsx
egypt 2008.pdf
egypt 2008 sps.pdf
egypt 2008 urban and rural sps.pdf
Egypt DHS 2014 Egypt 2014.xlsx
Egypt 2014.pdf
Equatorial Guinea DHS 2011 equatorial guinea 2011.xlsx
equatorial guinea 2011.pdf
equatorial guinea 2011 sps.pdf
Eritrea DHS 1995 eritrea 1995.xlsx
eritrea 1995.pdf
eritrea 1995 sps.pdf
Eritrea DHS 2002 eritrea 2002.xlsx
eritrea 2002.pdf
eritrea 2002 sps.pdf
Ethiopia DHS 2000 ethiopia 2000.xlsx
ethiopia 2000.pdf
ethiopia 2000 sps.pdf
Ethiopia DHS 2005 ethiopia 2005.xlsx
ethiopia 2005.pdf
ethiopia 2005 sps.pdf
Ethiopia DHS 2011 ethiopia 2011.xlsx
ethiopia 2011.pdf
ethiopia 2011 exported sps.pdf
ethiopia 2011 sps.pdf
Ethiopia DHS 2016 Ethiopia DHS 2016.xlsx
Ethiopia DHS 2016.pdf
Ethiopia DHS 2016.sps.txt
Ethiopia DHS 2019 Ethiopia DHS 2019.xlsx
Ethiopia DHS 2019.pdf
Ethiopia DHS 2019.txt
Gabon DHS 2000 gabon 2000.xlsx
gabon 2000.pdf
gabon 2000 sps.pdf
Gabon DHS 2012 gabon 2012.xlsx
gabon 2012.pdf
gabon 2012 exported sps.pdf
gabon 2012 sps.pdf
Gabon DHS 2019-21 Gabon DHS 2019-21.xlsx
Gabon DHS 2019-21.pdf
Gabon DHS 2019-21.sps.txt
Gambia DHS 2013 gambia 2013.xlsx
gambia 2013.pdf
gambia 2013 exported sps.pdf
gambia 2013 sps.pdf
Gambia DHS 2019-20 Gambia DHS 2019.xlsx
Gambia DHS 2019.pdf
Gambia DHS 2019.txt
Ghana DHS 1993 ghana 1993.xlsx
ghana 1993.pdf
ghana 1993 sps.pdf
Ghana DHS 1998 ghana 1998.xlsx
ghana 1998.pdf
ghana 1998 sps.pdf
Ghana DHS 2003 ghana 2003.xlsx
ghana 2003.pdf
ghana 2003 sps.pdf
Ghana DHS 2008 ghana 2008.xlsx
ghana 2008.pdf
ghana 2008 sps.pdf
Ghana DHS 2014 Ghana DHS 2014.xlsx
Ghana DHS 2014.pdf
Ghana DHS 2022 Ghana DHS 2022.xlsx
Ghana DHS 2022.pdf
Ghana DHS 2022.sps.txt
Ghana MIS 2016 Ghana MIS 2016.xlsx
Ghana MIS 2016.pdf
Ghana MIS 2016.sps.txt
Ghana MIS 2019 Ghana MIS 2019.xlsx
Ghana MIS 2019.pdf
Ghana MIS 2019.txt
Ghana Other 2011 Ghana MICS 2011.xlsx
Ghana MICS 2011.pdf
Ghana Other 2017 Ghana MHS 2017.xlsx
Ghana MHS 2017.pdf
Ghana MHS 2017.sps.txt
Guatemala DHS 1995 guatemala 1995.xlsx
guatemala 1995.pdf
guatemala 1995 sps.pdf
Guatemala DHS 1998-99 guatemala 1998-99.xlsx
guatemala 1998-99.pdf
guatemala 1998-99 sps.pdf
Guatemala DHS 2014-15 Guatemala DHS 2014-15.xlsx
Guatemala DHS 2014-15.pdf
Guinea DHS 1999 guinea 1999.xlsx
guinea 1999.pdf
guinea 1999 sps.pdf
Guinea DHS 2005 guinea 2005.xlsx
guinea 2005.pdf
guinea 2005 sps.pdf
Guinea DHS 2012 guinea 2012.xlsx
guinea 2012.pdf
guinea 2012 exported sps.pdf
guinea 2012 sps.pdf
Guinea DHS 2018 Guinea DHS 2018.xlsx
Guinea DHS 2018.pdf
Guinea DHS 2018 sps.pdf
Guinea DHS 2018 sps.txt
Guinea MIS 2021 Guinea MIS 2021.xlsx
Guinea MIS 2021.pdf
Guinea MIS 2021.sps.txt
Guyana AIS 2005 guyana ais 2005.xlsx
guyana ais 2005.pdf
guyana ais 2005 sps.pdf
Guyana DHS 2009 guyana 2009.xlsx
guyana 2009.pdf
guyana 2009 exported sps.pdf
guyana 2009 sps.pdf
Haiti DHS 1994-95 haiti 1994-95.xlsx
haiti 1994-95.pdf
haiti 1994-95 sps.pdf
Haiti DHS 2000 haiti 2000.xlsx
haiti 2000.pdf
haiti 2000 sps.pdf
Haiti DHS 2005-06 haiti 2005-06.xlsx
haiti 2005-06.pdf
haiti 2005-06 exported sps.pdf
haiti 2005-06 sps.pdf
Haiti DHS 2012 haiti 2012.xlsx
haiti 2012.pdf
haiti 2012 sps.pdf
Haiti DHS 2016-17 Haiti DHS 2016.xlsx
Haiti DHS 2016.pdf
Haiti DHS 2016. sps.pdf
Hati DHS 2016.sps.txt
Honduras DHS 2005-06 honduras 2005-06.xlsx
honduras 2005-06.pdf
honduras 2005-06 sps.pdf
honduras 2005-06 variables included in the wealth index.doc
Honduras DHS 2011-12 honduras 2011-12.xlsx
honduras 2011-12.pdf
honduras 2011-12 sps.pdf
India DHS 1992-93 india 1992-93.xlsx
india 1992-93.pdf
india 1992-93 sps.pdf
India DHS 1998-99 india 1998-99.xlsx
india 1998-99.pdf
india 1998-99 sps.pdf
India DHS 2005-06 india 2005-06.xlsx
india 2005-06.pdf
india 2005-06 sps.pdf
India DHS 2015-16 IndiaNFHS4.xlsx
India 2015-16 sps.txt
India DHS 2019-21 India DHS 2019-21.xlsx
India DHS 2019-21.pdf
India DHS 2019-21.sps.txt
Indonesia DHS 1997 indonesia 1997.xlsx
indonesia 1997.pdf
indonesia 1997 sps.pdf
Indonesia DHS 2002-03 indonesia 2002-03.xlsx
indonesia 2002-03.pdf
indonesia 2002-03 sps.pdf
Indonesia DHS 2007 indonesia 2007.xlsx
indonesia 2007.pdf
indonesia 2007 sps.pdf
Indonesia DHS 2012 indonesia 2012.xlsx
indonesia 2012.pdf
indonesia 2012 exported sps.pdf
indonesia 2012 sps.pdf
Indonesia DHS 2017 Indonesia DHS 2017.xlsx
Indonesia DHS 2017.pdf
Indonesia SDHS 2017.sps.txt
Jordan DHS 1990 jordan 1990.xlsx
jordan 1990.pdf
jordan 1990 sps.pdf
Jordan DHS 1997 jordan 1997.xlsx
jordan 1997.pdf
jordan 1997 sps.pdf
Jordan DHS 2002 jordan 2002.xlsx
jordan 2002.pdf
jordan 2002 sps.pdf
Jordan DHS 2007 jordan 2007.xlsx
jordan 2007.pdf
jordan 2007 exported sps.pdf
jordan 2007 sps.pdf
Jordan DHS 2009 jordan 2009.xlsx
jordan 2009.pdf
jordan 2009 sps.pdf
Jordan DHS 2012 jordan 2012 sps.pdf
Jordan DHS 2017-18 Jordan DHS 2017-18.xlsx
Jordan DHS 2017-18.pdf
Jordan DHS 2017-18.sps.txt
Kazakhstan DHS 1995 kazakhstan 1995.xlsx
kazakhstan 1995.pdf
kazakhstan 1995 sps.pdf
Kazakhstan DHS 1999 kazakhstan 1999.xlsx
kazakhstan 1999.pdf
kazakhstan 1999 spss.pdf
Kenya DHS 1998 kenya 1998.xlsx
kenya 1998.pdf
kenya 1998 sps.pdf
Kenya DHS 2003 kenya 2003.xlsx
kenya 2003.pdf
kenya 2003 sps.pdf
Kenya DHS 2008-09 kenya 2008-09.xlsx
kenya 2008-09.pdf
kenya 2008-09 sps.pdf
Kenya DHS 2014 Kenya DHS 2014.xlsx
Kenya DHS 2014.pdf
Kenya DHS 2022 Kenya DHS 2022.xlsx
Kenya DHS 2022.pdf
Kenya DHS 2022.sps.txt
Kenya MIS 2010 kenya 2010 mis.xlsx
kenya 2010 mis.pdf
kenya 2010 mis sps.pdf
Kenya MIS 2015 Kenya MIS 2015.xlsx
Kenya MIS 2015.pdf
Kenya MIS 2020 Kenya MIS 2020.xlsx
Kenya MIS 2020.pdf
Kenya MIS 2020.txt
Kyrgyz Republic DHS 1997 kyrgyz republic 1997.xlsx
kyrgyz republic 1997.pdf
kyrgyz republic 1997 sps.pdf
Kyrgyz Republic DHS 2012 kyrgyz republic 2012.xlsx
kyrgyz republic 2012.pdf
kyrgyz republic 2012 exported sps.pdf
kyrgyz republic 2012 sps.pdf
Lao People's Democratic Republic Other 2011-12 Lao PDR Special 2011-12.xlsx
Lao PDR Special 2011-12.pdf
Lesotho DHS 2004 lesotho 2004.xlsx
lesotho 2004.pdf
lesotho 2004 sps.pdf
Lesotho DHS 2009 lesotho 2009.xlsx
lesotho 2009.pdf
lesotho 2009 exported sps.pdf
lesotho 2009 sps.pdf
Lesotho DHS 2014 Lesotho DHS 2014.xlsx
Lesotho DHS 2014.pdf
Liberia DHS 2007 liberia 2007.xlsx
liberia 2007.pdf
liberia 2007 sps.pdf
Liberia DHS 2013 Liberia 2013 DHS.xlsx
Liberia 2013 DHS.pdf
Liberia DHS 2019-20 Liberia DHS 2018.xlsx
Liberia DHS 2018.pdf
Liberia DHS 2018.txt
Liberia MIS 2011 liberia mis 2011.xlsx
liberia mis 2011.pdf
liberia mis 2011 sps.pdf
Liberia MIS 2016 Liberia MIS 2016.xlsx
Liberia MIS 2016.pdf
Liberia MIS 2016.sps.txt
Liberia MIS 2022 Liberia MIS 2022.xlsx
Liberia MIS 2022.pdf
Liberia MIS 2022.sps.txt
Madagascar DHS 1997 madagascar 1997.xlsx
madagascar 1997.pdf
madagascar 1997 sps.pdf
Madagascar DHS 2003-04 madagascar 2003-04.xlsx
madagascar 2003-04.pdf
madagascar 2003-04 sps.pdf
Madagascar DHS 2008-09 madagascar 2008-09.xlsx
madagascar 2008-09.pdf
madagascar 2008-09 exported sps.pdf
madagascar 2008-09 sps.pdf
Madagascar MIS 2016 Madagascar MIS 2016.xlsx
Madagascar MIS 2016.pdf
Madagascar MIS 2016.sps.txt
Malawi DHS 1992 malawi 1992.xlsx
malawi 1992.pdf
malawi 1992 sps.pdf
Malawi DHS 2000 malawi 2000.xlsx
malawi 2000.pdf
malawi 2000 sps.pdf
Malawi DHS 2004 malawi 2004.xlsx
malawi 2004.pdf
malawi 2004 sps.pdf
Malawi DHS 2010 malawi 2010.xlsx
malawi 2010.pdf
malawi 2010 exported sps.pdf
malawi 2010 sps.pdf
Malawi DHS 2015-16 Malawi DHS 2015-16.xlsx
Malawi DHS 2015-16.pdf
Malawi MIS 2012 malawi mis 2012.xlsx
malawi mis 2012.pdf
malawi mis 2012 sps.pdf
Malawi MIS 2017 Malawi MIS 2017.xlsx
Malawi MIS 2017.pdf
Malawi MIS 2017.sps.txt
Maldives DHS 2009 maldives 2009.xlsx
maldives 2009.pdf
maldives 2009 sps.pdf
Maldives DHS 2016-17 Maldives DHS 2016.xlsx
Maldives DHS 2016.pdf
Maldives DHS 2016 .sps.txt
Mali DHS 1995-96 mali 1995-96.xlsx
mali 1995-96.pdf
mali 1995-96 sps.pdf
Mali DHS 2001 mali 2001.xlsx
mali 2001.pdf
mali 2001 sps.pdf
Mali DHS 2006 mali 2006.xlsx
mali 2006.pdf
mali 2006 sps.pdf
Mali DHS 2012-13 Mali DHS 2012-2013.xlsx
Mali DHS 2012-2013.pdf
Mali DHS 2018 Mali DHS 2018.xlsx
Mali DHS 2018.pdf
Mali DHS 2018 sps.pdf
Mali DHS 2018.sps.txt
Mali MIS 2015 Mali MIS 2015.xlsx
Mali MIS 2015.pdf
Mali MIS 2021 Mali MIS 2021.xlsx
Mali MIS 2021.pdf
Mali MIS 2021.sps.txt
Mauritania DHS 2000-01 mauritania 2000-01.xlsx
mauritania 2000-01.pdf
mauritania 2000-01 sps.pdf
Mauritania DHS 2019-21 Mauritania DHS 2019-21.xlsx
Mauritania DHS 2019-21.pdf
Mauritania DHS 2019-21.sps.txt
Moldova DHS 2005 moldova 2005.xlsx
moldova 2005.pdf
moldova 2005 sps.pdf
Morocco DHS 1992 morocco 1992.xlsx
morocco 1992.pdf
morocco 1992 sps.pdf
Morocco DHS 2003-04 morocco 2003-04.xlsx
morocco 2003-04.pdf
morocco 2003-04 sps.pdf
Mozambique AIS 2009 mozambique ais 2009.xlsx
mozambique ais 2009.pdf
mozambique ais 2009 sps.pdf
Mozambique DHS 1997 mozambique 1997.xlsx
mozambique 1997.pdf
mozambique 1997 sps.pdf
Mozambique DHS 2003 mozambique 2003.xlsx
mozambique 2003.pdf
mozambique 2003 sps.pdf
Mozambique DHS 2011 mozambique 2011.xlsx
mozambique 2011.pdf
mozambique 2011 sps.pdf
Mozambique MIS 2018 Mozambique MIS 2018.xlsx
Mozambique MIS 2018.pdf
Mozambique MIS 2018 sps.pdf
Mozambinque MIS 18 sps.txt
Myanmar DHS 2015-16 Myanmar DHS 2015-2016.xlsx
Myanmar DHS 2015-2016.pdf
Namibia DHS 1992 namibia 1992.xlsx
namibia 1992.pdf
namibia 1992 sps.pdf
Namibia DHS 2000 namibia 2000.xlsx
namibia 2000.pdf
namibia 2000 sps.pdf
Namibia DHS 2006-07 namibia 2006-07.xlsx
namibia 2006-07.pdf
namibia 2006-07 sps.pdf
Namibia DHS 2013 namibia 2013.xlsx
namibia 2013.pdf
namibia 2013 exported sps.pdf
namibia 2013 sps.pdf
Nepal DHS 1996 nepal 1996.xlsx
nepal 1996.pdf
nepal 1996 sps.pdf
Nepal DHS 2001 nepal 2001.xlsx
nepal 2001.pdf
nepal 2001 sps.pdf
Nepal DHS 2006 nepal 2006.xlsx
nepal 2006.pdf
nepal 2006 sps.pdf
Nepal DHS 2011 nepal 2011.xlsx
nepal 2011.pdf
nepal 2011 sps.pdf
Nepal DHS 2016 Nepal DHS 2016.xlsx
Nepal DHS 2016.pdf
Nepal DHS 2016.txt
Nepal DHS 2022 Nepal DHS 2022.xlsx
Nepal DHS 2022.pdf
Nepal DHS 2022.sps.txt
Nicaragua DHS 1998 nicaragua 1998.xlsx
nicaragua 1998.pdf
nicaragua 1998 sps.pdf
Nicaragua DHS 2001 nicaragua 2001.xlsx
nicaragua 2001.pdf
nicaragua 2001 sps.pdf
Niger DHS 1992
Niger DHS 1998 niger 1998.xlsx
niger 1998.pdf
niger 1998 sps.pdf
Niger DHS 2006 niger 2006.xlsx
niger 2006.pdf
niger 2006 sps.pdf
Niger DHS 2012 niger 2012.xlsx
niger 2012.pdf
niger 2012 exported sps.pdf
niger 2012 sps.pdf
Niger MIS 2021 Niger MIS 2021.xlsx
Niger MIS 2021.pdf
Niger MIS 2021.sps.txt
Nigeria DHS 1990 nigeria 1990.xlsx
nigeria 1990.pdf
nigeria 1990 sps.pdf
Nigeria DHS 2003 nigeria 2003.xlsx
nigeria 2003 sps.pdf
Nigeria DHS 2008 nigeria 2008.xlsx
nigeria 2008.pdf
nigeria 2008 sps.pdf
Nigeria DHS 2013 nigeria 2013.xlsx
nigeria 2013.pdf
nigeria 2013 sps.pdf
Nigeria DHS 2018 Nigeria DHS 2018.xlsx
Nigeria DHS 2018.pdf
Nigeria DHS 2018.sps.pdf
Nigeria DHS 2018.sps.txt
Nigeria MIS 2010 nigeria mis 2010.xlsx
nigeria mis 2010.pdf
nigeria mis 2010 sps.pdf
Nigeria MIS 2015 Nigeria MIS 2015.xlsx
Nigeria MIS 2015.pdf
Nigeria MIS 2021 Nigeria MIS 2021.xlsx
Nigeria MIS 2021.pdf
Nigeria MIS 2021.sps.txt
Pakistan DHS 1990-91 pakistan 1990-91.xlsx
pakistan 1990-91.pdf
pakistan 1990-91 sps.pdf
Pakistan DHS 2006-07 pakistan 2006-07.xlsx
pakistan 2006-07.pdf
pakistan 2006-07 sps.pdf
Pakistan DHS 2012-13 pakistan 2012-13.xlsx
pakistan 2012-13.pdf
pakistan 2012-13 sps.pdf
Pakistan DHS 2017-18 Pakistan DHS 2017-18.xlsx
Pakistan DHS 2017-18.pdf
Pakistan DHS 2017-18.sps.txt
Papua New Guinea DHS 2016-18 Papua New Guinea DHS 2016-17.xlsx
Papua New Guinea DHS 2016-17.pdf
Papua New Guinea DHS 2016-17.txt
Paraguay DHS 1990 paraguay 1990.xlsx
paraguay 1990.pdf
paraguay 1990 sps.pdf
Peru DHS 1996 peru 1996.xlsx
peru 1996.pdf
peru 1996 sps.pdf
Peru DHS 2000 peru 2000.xlsx
peru 2000.pdf
peru 2000 sps.pdf
Peru DHS 2004-06 peru 2004-08 wealth index calculation.pdf
Peru DHS 2007-08 peru 2004-08 wealth index calculation.pdf
Peru DHS 2009 peru 2009.xlsx
peru 2009.pdf
peru 2009 sps part1.pdf
peru 2009 sps part2.pdf
Peru DHS 2011 peru 2011.xlsx
peru 2011.pdf
peru 2011 exported sps.pdf
peru 2011 sps part1.pdf
peru 2011 sps part2.pdf
Peru DHS 2012 peru 2012.xlsx
peru 2012.pdf
peru 2012 exported sps.pdf
peru 2012 sps.pdf
Philippines DHS 1993 philippines 1993.xlsx
philippines 1993.pdf
philippines 1993 sps.pdf
Philippines DHS 1998 philippines 1998.xlsx
philippines 1998.pdf
philippines 1998 sps.pdf
Philippines DHS 2003 philippines 2003.xlsx
philippines 2003.pdf
philippines 2003 sps.pdf
Philippines DHS 2008 philippines 2008.xlsx
philippines 2008.pdf
philippines 2008 sps.pdf
Philippines DHS 2013 philippines 2013.xlsx
philippines 2013.pdf
philippines 2013 exported sps.pdf
philippines 2013 sps.pdf
Philippines DHS 2017 Philippines DHS 2017.xlsx
Philippines DHS 2017.pdf
Philippines DHS 2017.sps.txt
Philippines DHS 2022 Philippines DHS 2022.xlsx
Philippines DHS 2022.pdf
Philippines DHS 2022.sps.txt
Rwanda DHS 2000 rwanda 2000.xlsx
rwanda 2000.pdf
rwanda 2000 sps.pdf
Rwanda DHS 2005 rwanda 2005.xlsx
rwanda 2005.pdf
rwanda 2005 sps.pdf
Rwanda DHS 2007-08 rwanda 2007-08.xlsx
rwanda 2007-08.pdf
rwanda 2007-08 exported sps.pdf
rwanda 2007-08 sps.pdf
Rwanda DHS 2010 rwanda 2010.xlsx
rwanda 2010.pdf
rwanda 2010 sps.pdf
Rwanda DHS 2014-15 Rwanda DHS 2014-15.xlsx
Rwanda DHS 2014-15.pdf
Rwanda DHS 2019-20 Rwanda DHS 2019-20.xlsx
Rwanda DHS 2019-20.pdf
Rwanda DHS 2019-20.sps.txt
Rwanda MIS 2013 rwanda mis 2013.xlsx
rwanda mis 2013.pdf
rwanda mis 2013 exported sps.pdf
rwanda mis 2013 sps.pdf
Rwanda MIS 2017 Rwanda MIS 2017.xlsx
Rwanda MIS 2017.pdf
Samoa DHS 2009 samoa 2009.xlsx
samoa 2009.pdf
samoa 2009 exported sps.pdf
samoa 2009 sps.pdf
Sao Tome and Principe DHS 2008-09 sao tome 2008-09.xlsx
sao tome 2008-09.pdf
sao tome 2008-09 exported sps.pdf
sao tome 2008-09 sps.pdf
Senegal DHS 1997 senegal 1997.xlsx
senegal 1997.pdf
senegal 1997 sps.pdf
Senegal DHS 2005 senegal 2005.xlsx
senegal 2005.pdf
senegal 2005 sps.pdf
Senegal DHS 2010-11 senegal 2010-11 coefficients.xls
senegal 2010-11.xlsx
senegal 2010-11 coefficients.pdf
senegal 2010-11.pdf
senegal 2010-11 sps.pdf
Senegal DHS 2012-13 senegal 2012-13.xlsx
senegal 2012-13.pdf
senegal 2012-13 exported sps.pdf
senegal 2012-13 sps.pdf
Senegal DHS 2015 Senegal DHS 2015.xlsx
Senegal DHS 2015.pdf
Senegal DHS 2017 Senegal DHS 2017.xlsx
Senegal DHS 2017.pdf
Senegal DHS 2017.sps.txt
Senegal DHS 2023 Senegal DHS 2023.xlsx
Senegal DHS 2023.pdf
Senegal DHS 2023.sps.txt
Senegal MIS 2006 senegal mis 2006.xlsx
senegal mis 2006.pdf
senegal mis 2006 sps.pdf
Senegal MIS 2008-09 senegal mis 2008-09.xlsx
senegal mis 2008-09.pdf
senegal mis 2008-09 exported sps.pdf
senegal mis 2008-09 sps.pdf
Sierra Leone DHS 2008 sierra leone 2008.xlsx
sierra leone 2008.pdf
sierra leone 2008 exported sps.pdf
sierra leone 2008 sps.pdf
Sierra Leone DHS 2013 Sierra Leone DHS 2013.xlsx
Sierra Leone DHS 2013.pdf
sierra leone 2013 exported sps.pdf
sierra leone 2013 sps.pdf
Sierra Leone DHS 2019 Sierra Leone DHS 2018-2019.xlsx
Sierra Leone DHS 2018-2019.pdf
Sierra Leone DHS 2018-2019.txt
Sierra Leone MIS 2013 sierra leone mis 2013 exported sps.pdf
sierra leone mis 2013 sps.pdf
Sierra Leone MIS 2016 Sierra Leone MIS 2016.xlsx
Sierra Leone MIS 2016.pdf
Sierra Leone MI 2016S.sps.txt
South Africa DHS 1998 south africa 1998.xlsx
south africa 1998.pdf
south africa 1998 sps.pdf
South Africa DHS 2003 south africa 2003.xlsx
south africa 2003.pdf
south africa 2003 exported sps.pdf
south africa 2003 sps.pdf
South Africa DHS 2016 South Africa 2016.xlsx
South Africa 2016.pdf
South Africa DHS 2016.sps.txt
Sri Lanka DHS 2006-07 SriLanka.xlsx
Tajikistan DHS 2012 tajikistan 2012.xlsx
tajikistan 2012.pdf
tajikistan 2012 exported sps.pdf
tajikistan 2012 sps.pdf
Tajikistan DHS 2017 Tajikistan DHS 2017.xlsx
Tajikistan DHS 2017.pdf
Tajikistan DHS 2017.sps.txt
Tanzania AIS 2003-04 tanzania ais 2003-04.xlsx
tanzania ais 2003-04.pdf
tanzania ais 2003-04 sps.pdf
Tanzania AIS 2007-08 tanzania ais 2007-08.xlsx
tanzania ais 2007-08.pdf
tanzania ais 2007-08 sps.pdf
Tanzania AIS 2011-12 tanzania ais-mis 2011-12.xlsx
tanzania ais-mis 2011-12.pdf
tanzania ais-mis 2011-12 sps.pdf
Tanzania DHS 1996 tanzania 1996.xlsx
tanzania 1996.pdf
tanzania 1996 sps.pdf
Tanzania DHS 1999 tanzania 1999.xlsx
tanzania 1999.pdf
tanzania 1999 sps.pdf
Tanzania DHS 2004-05 tanzania 2004-05.xlsx
tanzania 2004-05.pdf
tanzania 2004-05 sps.pdf
Tanzania DHS 2010 tanzania 2010.xlsx
tanzania 2010.pdf
tanzania 2010 sps.pdf
Tanzania DHS 2015-16 Tanzania DHS 2015.xlsx
Tanzania DHS 2015.pdf
Tanzania DHS 2022 Tanzania DHS 2021-22.xlsx
Tanzania DHS 2021-22.pdf
Tanzania DHS 2021-22.sps.txt
Tanzania MIS 2017 Tanzania MIS 2017.xlsx
Tanzania MIS 2017.pdf
Tanzania MIS 2017 sps.pdf
Tanzania MIS 2017 sps.txt
Timor-Leste DHS 2009-10 timor-leste 2009-10.xlsx
timor-leste 2009-10.pdf
timor-leste 2009-10 exported sps.pdf
timor-leste 2009-10 sps.pdf
Timor-Leste DHS 2016 Timor Leste DHS 2016.xlsx
Timor Leste DHS 2016.pdf
Timor Leste DHS 2016.sps.txt
Togo DHS 1998 togo 1998.xlsx
togo 1998.pdf
togo 1998 sps.pdf
Togo DHS 2013-14 togo 2013-14.xlsx
togo 2013-14.pdf
togo 2013-14 exported sps.pdf
togo 2013-14 sps.pdf
Togo MIS 2017 Togo MIS 2017.xlsx
Togo MIS 2017.pdf
Togo MIS 2017.txt
Turkey DHS 1993 turkey 1993.xlsx
turkey 1993.pdf
turkey 1993 sps.pdf
Turkey DHS 1998 turkey 1998.xlsx
turkey 1998.pdf
turkey 1998 sps.pdf
Turkey DHS 2008 turkey 2008.xlsx
turkey 2008.pdf
turkey 2008 sps.pdf
Turkey DHS 2018 Turkey DHS 2018.xlsx
Turkey DHS 2018.pdf
Turkey DHS 2018.sps.txt
Turkmenistan DHS 2000 turkmenistan 2000.xlsx
turkmenistan 2000.pdf
turkmenistan 2000 sps.pdf
Uganda AIS 2004-05 uganda ais 2004-05.xlsx
uganda ais 2004-05.pdf
uganda ais 2004-05 sps.pdf
Uganda AIS 2011 uganda ais 2011.xlsx
uganda ais 2011.pdf
uganda ais 2011 sps.pdf
Uganda DHS 1995 uganda 1995.xlsx
uganda 1995.pdf
uganda 1995 sps.pdf
Uganda DHS 2000-01 uganda 2000-01.xlsx
uganda 2000-01.pdf
uganda 2000-01 sps.pdf
Uganda DHS 2006 uganda 2006.xlsx
uganda 2006.pdf
uganda 2006 exported sps.pdf
uganda 2006 sps.pdf
Uganda DHS 2011 uganda dhs 2011.xlsx
uganda dhs 2011.pdf
uganda dhs 2011 sps.pdf
Uganda DHS 2016 Uganda DHS 2016.xlsx
Uganda DHS 2016.pdf
Uganda DHS 2016.sps.txt
Uganda MIS 2009 uganda mis 2009.xlsx
uganda mis 2009.pdf
uganda mis 2009 sps.pdf
Uganda MIS 2014-15 Uganda 2014-15 MIS.xlsx
Uganda 2014-15 MIS.pdf
Uganda MIS 2018-19 Uganda MIS 2018-19.xlsx
Uganda MIS 2018-19.pdf
Uganda MIS 2018-19.sps.txt
Ukraine DHS 2007 ukraine 2007.xlsx
ukraine 2007.pdf
ukraine 2007 sps.pdf
Uzbekistan DHS 1996 uzbekistan 1996.xlsx
uzbekistan 1996.pdf
uzbekistan 1996 sps.pdf
Vietnam AIS 2005 vietnam ais 2005.xlsx
vietnam ais 2005.pdf
vietnam ais 2005 sps.pdf
Vietnam DHS 1997 vietnam 1997.xlsx
vietnam 1997.pdf
vietnam 1997 sps.pdf
Vietnam DHS 2002 vietnam 2002.xlsx
vietnam 2002.pdf
vietnam 2002 sps.pdf
Yemen DHS 1997 yemen 1997.xlsx
yemen 1997.pdf
yemen 1997 sps.pdf
Yemen DHS 2013 yemen 2013.xlsx
yemen 2013.pdf
yemen 2013 exported sps.pdf
yemen 2013 sps.pdf
Zambia DHS 1996 zambia 1996.xlsx
zambia 1996.pdf
zambia 1996 sps.pdf
Zambia DHS 2001-02 zambia 2001-02.xlsx
zambia 2001-02.pdf
zambia 2001-02 sps.pdf
Zambia DHS 2007 zambia 2007.xlsx
zambia 2007.pdf
zambia 2007 sps.pdf
Zambia DHS 2013-14 zambia 2013-14.xlsx
zambia 2013-14.pdf
zambia 2013-14 exported sps.pdf
zambia 2013-14 sps.pdf
Zambia DHS 2018 Zambia DHS 2018.xlsx
Zambia DHS 2018.pdf
Zambia DHS 2018.txt
Zimbabwe DHS 1994 zimbabwe 1994.xlsx
zimbabwe 1994.pdf
zimbabwe 1994 sps.pdf
Zimbabwe DHS 1999 zimbabwe 1999.xlsx
zimbabwe 1999.pdf
zimbabwe 1999 sps.pdf
Zimbabwe DHS 2005-06 zimbabwe 2005-06.xlsx
zimbabwe 2005-06.pdf
zimbabwe 2005-06 sps.pdf
Zimbabwe DHS 2010-11 zimbabwe 2010-11.xlsx
zimbabwe 2010-11.pdf
zimbabwe 2010-11 sps.pdf
Zimbabwe DHS 2015 Zimbabwe DHS 2015.xlsx
Zimbabwe DHS 2015.pdf