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Brazil: Standard DHS, 1996
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HIV Testing
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Country: Brazil
Contract Phase: DHS-III
Recode Structure: DHS-III
Implementing Organization: Sociedad Civil Bem-Estar Familiar no Brasil (BEMFAM)
Fieldwork: March 1996 - June 1996
Status: Completed
Households: Sample Size: 13283
Female: All Women
Age: 15 to 49
Sample Size: 12612
Male: All Men
Age: 15 to 59
Sample Size: 2949
Facilities: N/A
Survey Characteristics
  • Anthropometry
  • Calendar
  • Cervical cancer screening questions
  • HIV knowledge
  • Iodine salt test
  • Maternal mortality
  • Men's survey
  • Micronutrients
  • Paper survey
  • Social marketing
  • Tobacco use
  • Vitamin A questions
  • Women's status