Download Datasets

The DHS Program is authorized to distribute, at no cost, unrestricted survey data files for legitimate academic research. Registration is required for access to data.

Guide to Using Datasets
Data Tools and Manuals

Data Manuals

  • Guide to DHS Statistics
    The Guide to DHS Statistics is a reference to help users who work with DHS survey indicators and datasets to better understand indicator definitions and the calculations used to generate the survey results.
  • DHS Recode Manual
    The Recode Manual provides the information necessary to understand these datasets. It describes each data file and the variables contained in them. Dataset users are strongly encouraged to download the DHS recode manual for use with all recode files.
  • DHS Data Editing and Imputation
    This paper presents the methodology used by DHS for the editing and imputation of data. The paper focuses primarily on the editing of dates of events, and the imputation of incomplete dates. The paper discusses various approaches to the problems of partial and inconsistent data, and the need for procedures to handle these data.

Data Tools

Select Utility (19K, ZIP)
Also available is the Select Utility, a program that produces a user-defined subset of variables from an SPSS or STATA data definition file. This is useful when there are too many variables in the original data definition file and the user wants to concentrate on a small number of them.

It is important to note that select only works with data definitions (.SPS or .DCT) created by CSPro export applications.  Select does not work with the system data files (.SAV or .DTA). We suggest that users download this program.


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