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Final Reports
ID Title Published Publication SubType
FR336 Nepal DHS, 2016 - Final Report (English) 11/2017 DHS Final Reports
SPA24 Nepal SPA, 2015 - Final Report (English) 01/2017 SPA Final Reports
FR257 Nepal DHS, 2011 - Final Report (English) 03/2012 DHS Final Reports
FR191 Nepal DHS, 2006 - Final Report (English) 05/2007 DHS Final Reports
FR181 Nepal Female Community Health Volunteers Report (FCHV) (English) 11/2002 DHS Final Reports
FR132 Nepal DHS, 2001 - Final Report (English) 04/2002 DHS Final Reports
FR78 Nepal DHS, 1996 - Final Report (English) 03/1997 DHS Final Reports
FR26 Nepal In Depth, 1987 - In Depth Study - Final Report (English) 01/1988 Other Final Reports
Key Findings
SR243 Nepal DHS, 2016 - Key Findings (Nepali) (English) 11/2017 Summary Reports/Key Findings
SR232 Nepal SPA, 2015 - Key Findings (Nepali) (English) 01/2017 Summary Reports/Key Findings
SR189 Nepal DHS, 2011 - Key Findings (English) 03/2012 Summary Reports/Key Findings
SR125 Nepal DHS, 2006 - Key Findings (English) 05/2007 Summary Reports/Key Findings
SR92 Nepal DHS, 2001 - Summary Report (English) 01/2001 Summary Reports/Key Findings
SR58 Nepal DHS, 1996 - Summary Report (English) 03/1997 Summary Reports/Key Findings
Fact Sheets
GF38 Nepal DHS 2016 Fact Sheet (English) 11/2017 General Fact Sheets
GF25 Nepal DHS 2011 Fact Sheet (English) 03/2012 General Fact Sheets
GF7 Nepal 2006 DHS Fact Sheet (English) 05/2007 General Fact Sheets
Other Dissemination Materials
DM123 Nepal DHS 2016 - Infographic (English) 11/2017 Other Dissemination Materials
DM122 Nepal DHS 2016 - Wall Chart (Nepali) (English) 11/2017 Other Dissemination Materials
DM98 Nepal 2015 SPA - Flyer (English) 01/2017 Other Dissemination Materials
DM97 Reading SPA Tables (Nepal 2015) (English) 01/2017 Other Dissemination Materials
PPT56 Nepal: DHS, 2016 - Survey Presentations (English) 11/2017 Survey Presentations
PPT49 Nepal: SPA, 2015 - Survey Presentations (English) 01/2017 Survey Presentations
PPT17 Nepal: DHS, 2011 - Survey Presentations (English) 03/2012 Survey Presentations
OP11 Potential Implications of the Ghana and Nepal Follow-Up Studies for DHS Questionnaires and Fieldwork Procedures (English) 09/2018 Occasional Papers
AS68 Thermal Care and Umbilical Cord Care Practices and Their Association with Newborn Mortality (English) 09/2018 Analytical Studies
AS66 The Association of Deforestation and Other Environmental Factors with Child Health and Mortality (English) 08/2018 Analytical Studies
AS65 Effective Coverage of Facility Delivery in Bangladesh, Haiti, Malawi, Nepal, Senegal, and Tanzania (English) 08/2018 Analytical Studies
FA115 Health Services Availability and Readiness in Seven Provinces of Nepal (English) 07/2018 Further Analysis
FA114 Client Satisfaction and Quality of Curative Services for Sick Children in Nepal (English) 07/2018 Further Analysis
FA113 Quality of Family Planning Services Delivery and Family Planning Client Satisfaction at Health Facilities in Nepal (English) 07/2018 Further Analysis
FA112 Quality of Care and Client Satisfaction with Maternal Health Services in Nepal (English) 07/2018 Further Analysis
WP140 The Effect of Internal Migration on the Use of Reproductive and Maternal Health Services in Nepal (English) 06/2018 Working Papers
QRS21 Barriers to Family Planning Use in Eastern Nepal: Results from a Mixed Methods Study (English) 05/2018 Qualitative Research Studies
WP133 Continuum of Maternal Health Care and the Use of Postpartum Family Planning in Nepal (English) 07/2017 Working Papers
AS56 Marriage and Fertility Dynamics: The Influence of Marriage Age on the Timing of First Birth and Birth Spacing (English) 08/2016 Analytical Studies
MR15 Intertemporal Comparisons of Poverty and Wealth with DHS Data: A Harmonized Asset Index Approach (English) 09/2014 Methodological Reports
AS41 Contextual Influences of Modern Contraceptive Use among Rural Women in Rwanda and Nepal (English) 09/2013 Analytical Studies
FA77 Women's Empowerment and Spousal Violence in Relation to Health Outcomes in Nepal (English) 03/2013 Further Analysis
FA76 Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth in Nepal: Trends and Determinants (English) 03/2013 Further Analysis
FA75 Trends and Determinants of Neonatal Mortality in Nepal (English) 03/2013 Further Analysis
FA74 Impact of Male Migration on Contraceptive Use, Unmet Need and Fertility in Nepal (English) 03/2013 Further Analysis
FA73 Maternal and Child Health in Nepal: The Effects of Caste, Ethnicity, and Regional Identity (English) 03/2013 Further Analysis
FA58 Caste, Ethnic and Regional Identity in Nepal (English) 09/2008 Further Analysis
WP55 Association Between Maternal Birth, and Newborn Characteristics and Neonatal Mortality in Five Asian Countries (English) 08/2008 Working Papers
WP54 The Differential Impact of Wives' and Husbands' Education on Contraceptive Method Choice in Nepal, 1996-2006 (English) 08/2008 Working Papers
FA54 Improvements in Maternal Health in Nepal (English) 05/2008 Further Analysis
FA53 Trends in Economic Differentials in Population and Health Outcomes (English) 05/2008 Further Analysis
FA52 Factors Responsible for the Rapid Decline of Fertility in Nepal - An Interpretation (English) 05/2008 Further Analysis
FA51 Effects of Communication Campaigns on the Health Behavior of Women of Reproductive Age in Nepal (English) 05/2008 Further Analysis
FA50 A Comparative Analysis of Unmet Need in Nepal (English) 05/2008 Further Analysis
WP40 The Effect of Family Size and Composition on Fertility Desires, Contraceptive Adoption, and Method Choice in South Asia (English) 03/2008 Working Papers
FA49 The Treatment of Childhood Illness in Nepal (English) 01/2008 Further Analysis
TR5 Trends in Demographic and Reproductive Health Indicators in Nepal (English) 12/2007 Trend Reports
CR11 The Context of Women's Health: Results from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 1994-2001 (English) 12/2005 Comparative Reports
SAR6 Contextual Influences on the Use of Antenatal Care in Nepal (English) 05/2004 Spatial Analysis Reports
FA17 Insights On Family Health Issues in Nepal (English) 07/1997 Further Analysis
WP22 Informed Respondent Approach to Data Collection: An Experimental Study in Nepal (English) 02/1997 Working Papers
Other Materials
OD70 Barriers to Family Planning Use in Eastern Nepal - English Questionnaire (English) 05/2018 Other Documents
OD35 Study of Children in Children's Homes in Nepal - Volume I: Main Text (English) 06/2005 Other Documents