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Newborn babies' health in Rwanda: evolution of factors associated with neonatal mortality trends
Authors: Beck L.
Source: Sante, Mar-Apr;21(2):159-72. doi: 10.3917/spub.092.0159
Topic(s): Neonatal mortality
Country: Africa
Published: MAR 2009
Abstract: In spite of increasing attention for maternal and child health, neonatal mortality (before the age of one month) represents a significant part of infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa. Several demographic and health surveys show the lack of any major improvement since the 1980s in Rwanda, and despite some indication of minor improvement, any real progress has been countered by periods of aggravation of the situation. However, a noticeable decrease in neonatal mortality seems to have begun since the year 2000. This study describes the evolution of the determinants of neonatal mortality between 1980 and 2000 and the obstacles that hinder its sustainable decline. Regressive logistical analyses conducted with data on several different generations of newborns showed the persistence of some unfavourable factors and conditions, such as the short period of time between births of babies carried to term and premature births. Nevertheless, although the conditions for pregnancy and delivery are still insufficient, the quality of pre-natal and newborn care seems to be improving.