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The Role of Wealth in Infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa within Urban and between Urban and Rural Areas
Authors: Okechukwu D. Anyamele
Source: International Journal of Economics and Research, vol. 2, Issue 1, 2011 pp 73-81.
Topic(s): Infant mortality
Rural-urban differentials
Wealth Index
Country: Africa
  Multiple African Countries
Published: JAN 2011
Abstract: This study investigates the role of wealth in infant mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa, hereafter (SSA). Using recent data from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), we document the differences that exit within urban and between urban and rural residents in Sub-Saharan Africa based on wealth. Our findings lead us to conclude that there is a statistical significant difference both within urban residents and within rural residents on wealth and infant mortality. Furthermore, we find that literacy is significant in explaining association with infant mortality. Our findings lend credence to previous studies on the importance of wealth and literacy on any policy program to address health inequalities in developing countries