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Prevalence and Treatment of childhood diarrhea among Nigerian ethnic groups
Authors: Fayehun O.A and Omololu O.O.
Source: The Nigerian Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, Vol. 7: 14-28
Topic(s): Child health
Country: Africa
Published: APR 2009
Abstract: In Nigeria, dehydration from diarrhea is a major cause of death among young children. This study explored the prevalence of childhood diarrhea and the pattern of treatment of childhood diarrhea among Nigerian ethnic groups. The study utilized secondary data from Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey 2003. The ethnic groups in the northern part of the country have higher prevalence of childhood diarrhea than other parts; they are also least likely to use modern health care providers. Likewise, the percentage of children given home or traditional treatment for childhood diarrhea is highest among the Hausa-Fulani and Northern minority ethnic groups. The proportion of children not treated among the ethnic groups in the northern part of Nigeria is quite large when compared to ethnic groups in the southern part of the country. Key words: diarrhea, ethnic groups, treatment, household environment, dehydration