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Frailty modeling for clustered survival data: an application to birth interval in Bangladesh
Authors: Sharif Mahmood, Begum Zainab, and A.H.M. Mahbub Latif
Source: Journal of Applied Statistics, 40(12):2670-2680; DOI:10.1080/02664763.2013.825702
Topic(s): Birth interval
Data models
Country: Asia
Published: AUG 2013
Abstract: The present work demonstrates an application of random effects model for analyzing birth intervals that are clustered into geographical regions. Observations from the same cluster are assumed to be correlated because usually they share certain unobserved characteristics between them. Ignoring the correlations among the observations may lead to incorrect standard errors of the estimates of parameters of interest. Beside making the comparisons between Cox's proportional hazards model and random effects model for analyzing geographically clustered time-to-event data, important demographic and socioeconomic factors that may affect the length of birth intervals of Bangladeshi women are also reported in this paper.