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Determinants of diarrhea among young children under the age of five in Kenya, evidence from KDHS 2008-09
Authors: Samwel Mbugua, Eddison Musikoyo, Faith Ndungi, Richard Sang, Elizabeth Kamau-Mbuthia, and Douglas Ngotho
Source: African Population Studies, 28(2 Supplement): 1046-1056; DOI:
Topic(s): Child health
Children under five
Country: Africa
Published: JUL 2014
Abstract: This paper examines the relative contribution of household, demographic and maternal characteristics to the incidence of diarrhea in young Kenyan children. Data from the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2008- 09 was used with a total of 3838 women included in the study. The measure of diarrhea in children was derived from woman’s questionnaire. Logistic regression analysis showed that age of child [AOR, 0.796; 95% CI, 0.559-1.134] and residence of mother [AOR, 0.538; 95% CI, 0.324-0.895] are more likely to influence childhood diarrhea. Higher education level of mother was associated with lower incidence of childhood diarrhea [AOR, 0.187; 95% CI, 0.609-0.573]. Household characteristics that had statistically significant influence on childhood diarrhea included sources of drinking water [AOR, 1.644; 95% CI, 1.040-2.599] and household size [AOR, 1.334; 95% CI, 1.000-1.780]. This paper emphasizes the importance of mothers being literate and access to good quality drinking water sources in reducing childhood diarrhea.