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Kematian Perinatal di Indonesia dan Faktor yang Berhubungan, Tahun 1997-2003
Authors: Meidy Farenti Prameswari
Source: Kesmas: National Public Health Journal, 1(4): 154; DOI:
Topic(s): Birth weight
Perinatal mortality
Country: Asia
Published: FEB 2007
Abstract: WHO predicted that every year there are more than 9 millions perinatal deaths and almost all occurred in developing countries. In Indonesia, at present time the perinatal mortality rate is 24 per 1000 life birth, and about 77% was contributed by neonatal death. The objective of this study is to know factors related to perinatal mortality in Indonesia and to assess the most important intervention program to reduce it. The study used secondary data source, that is Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) in the period of 2002-2003. Design of the study is cross sectional. The results show that variables related to perinatal mortality are parity, delivery complications, maternal education, low birth weight, birth assistant, ANC visit, and residential address. Based on PAR calculation, low birth weight has PAR% of 14.90 meaning that if intervention program is focused on reducing prevalence of low birth weight, the perinatal mortality risk will be reduced by around 15% of the total cases among live newborn infants population. Keywords : Perinatal mortality, low birth weight, ANC