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Unfolding the Mystery of Reliance on Traditional Methods of Birth Control in Assam, India
Authors: Pralip Kumar Narzary, Battala Madhusudana, and A Sathiya Susuman
Source: Journal of Asian and African Studies, 52(6): 780-793; DOI:
Topic(s): Contraception
Family planning
Country: Asia
Published: SEP 2017
Abstract: Reliance on traditional methods of birth control causes psychological tension in couples because the fear of unwanted pregnancy bars them from experiencing a healthy sexual life. However, in Assam, half of all contraceptive users depend on traditional methods of birth control. The current study used National Family Health Survey 2005–2006 data. Out of 3840 sample women in the age group 15–49 years, 1286 women are filtered for the present study. Most of the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of traditional method users fall between those of modern spacing method users and terminal method users. Thus, the burden of unwanted fertility is highest among the traditional method users. Keywords Traditional method of contraception, birth control, family planning, Assam