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Gender-Based Violence is a growing problem in India
Authors: John Simister
Source: Medical Research Archives, 6(1); DOI:
Topic(s): Domestic violence
Gender-based violence (GBV)
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2018
Abstract: This paper uses Indian household survey s and crime data, to stud y Gender - Based Violence (GBV) : husband?s domestic violence , to control wife/partner. Different t ypes of violence are examined separately, using 2005 - 6 Demographic and Health Survey & other surveys from 1992 to 2017 . Much domestic violence seems to be husbands attempting to control wives. India?s 2005 „Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act? appears partially successful in reducing GBV. There is evidence of a long - term increase in GBV risk, in India: some possible explanations are investigated. Keywords Gender; Based Violence; India; household survey; crime