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Children's educational status and performance: Role of family environment in Indian context
Authors: Datta Puspita, and Sarkar Sanjit
Source: Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, 2(1): 96-103
Topic(s): Education
Family structure
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2012
Abstract: Constitutionally, children up to age 14 years in India have fundamental right to free and compulsory education, but many children remain far from school, either they are never enrolled or enrolled but drop out. Despite of several efforts like ‘Survya Shikshya Avijan’ ‘Midday meal scheme’ etc., enrollment rate has increased and dropout rate has decreased over the time but nowadays performance of children in school become important researchable issues. Child's performance in school not only depends on the school quality or teacher's quality but also on the family environment where the child grew. This study is an attempt to observe the role of family environmental factors on children's educational status. Analyzing secondary dataset National Family Health Survey-3, the study shows that ever enrollment status is affected significantly by all components of family environment-living situation, parental survival status, educational environment and economic environment, whereas performance mainly affected by parent's educational status rather than other components of family environment. It can be concluded from the study that parental survival status, educational environment and economic environment are the significant components of the family environment to affect children's educational status and performance, in Indian context. Keywords Educational Status, Performance, Family, Environment