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Burden of Child Malnutrition in India: A View from Parliamentary Constituencies
Authors: Akshay Swaminathan, Rockli Kim, Yun Xu, Jeffrey C Blossom, William Joe, R Venkataramanan, Alok Kumar, and S V Subramanian
Source: Economic and Political Weekly, 54(2): 44-52
Topic(s): Anemia
Child health
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2019
Abstract: In India, monitoring and surveillance of health and well-being indicators have been focused primarily on the state and district levels. Analysing population data at the level of parliamentary constituencies has the potential to bring political accountability to the data-driven policy discourse that is currently based on district-level estimates. Using data from the fourth National Family Health Survey 2016, two geographic information systems methodologies have been developed and applied to provide estimates of four child malnutrition indicators (stunting, underweight, wasting, and anemia) for the 543 parliamentary constituencies in India. The results indicate that several constituencies experience a multiple burden of child malnutrition that must be addressed concurrently and as a priority.