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A Spatial Analysis of Caesarean birth in Northeast States, India
Authors: Apoorva Nambiar, and Kh. Jitenkumar Singh
Source: Demography India, Special Issue(2017): 90-97
Topic(s): Cesarean section
Delivery care
Maternal health
Country: Asia
Published: APR 2017
Abstract: Caesarean section is the surgical intervention in case of serious delivery complications, where a normal vaginal delivery is not possible. Caesarean sections are associated with short and long term risk which can extend many years beyond the current delivery and affect the health of the woman, her child, and future pregnancies. Caesarean sections are effective in saving maternal and infant lives, but only when they are required for medically indicated reasons (WHO, 2015). According to the WHO published guidelines on caesarean rates in 1985 (revised in 1994), the proportion of caesarean births should range between 5-15%. But the scenario of the caesarean rate over the world is quite alarming and much above the WHO recommended levels. This study is aimed at identifying the scenario of Caesarean section delivery across the districts of Northeastern states of India, where maternal mortality ratio continues to be well above the national average and obstetric care facilities remain far from satisfactory and to acquire A statistical intra-assessment of relativity high and low performing areas with respect to geographically proximal areas. National Family Health Survey-2,3 and 4 (2015-16) fact sheets data on Caesarean section delivery for 87 districts of north-eastern states, India was used in this study. Spatial analysis: Moran-I and LISA was applied to assess the maternal health care services across the districts. Striking coverage variation for caesarean section was seen across the north-eastern states, India in this analysis. Among all the north-eastern states, high-high spatial association was found in Kamrup district of Assam, Imphal West district of Manipur and low-low spatial association in Longleng, Twensang, Kiphire districts of Nagaland.