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Factors Influencing Men Participation in Maternal Health Care in India
Authors: Sateesha Gouda M., and A. G. Khan
Source: Demography India, Special Issue (2018): 36-43
Topic(s): Maternal health
Men's health
Reproductive health
Country: Asia
Published: APR 2018
Abstract: Reproduction and sexuality are result of intimate relationship of couple; however the history of public health shows that policies and program of reproductive health were only targeted women and paid little attention to the role of men in achieving quality reproductive health, the positive results of men involvement in maternal health have been well established. The attempt was made in this article to understand the factor influencing men participation in maternal health care in Indian context. The data for the study was taken from the third round of National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3), which is known as Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) worldwide. The study shows men participation in maternal health care was high in urban area, poor among Muslims, shows positive relation between male participation and standard of living. Similarly it shows the negative relation between men participation and birth order. Education and occupations have great influence on men involvement; however the comparative analysis shows that women education and occupation have more impact on male involvement. Those factors should be considered during the planning and implementation of policies and programs, decentralised as much as possible at the sub-district, district and state level similarly at national level.