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Estimation of Standard Error of Demographic and Health Parameters for NFHS-4
Authors: A. K. Tiwari, and Shivam Mishra
Source: Demography India, 47(1): 71-78
Topic(s): Data use
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2018
Abstract: A sample survey involves always sampling errors along with non-sampling errors. Non-sampling errors are the results of mistakes made during execution of data collection and data processing and it is impossible to avoid and tough to evaluate statistically. On the other hand, sampling error is a degree of the variability which is not known exactly, it can be estimated from the survey outcomes. It is usually measured in terms of the standard error for a specific statistic, but it is quite complex. In this paper an attempt has been made to develop a simple procedure to estimate standard error of some demographic and health parameters for NFHS-4 data.