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Heterogeneity in Waiting Time to First Conception in Uttar Pradesh: A Parametric Regression Analysis
Authors: Brijesh P. Singh, Gunjan Singhm, and K. K. Singh
Source: Demography India, 45(1&2): 77-88
Topic(s): Fertility
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2016
Abstract: An important problem in the study of fertility is the estimation of the fecundability of the population. Fecundability is the rate at which a sexually active non-contraceptive ovulating female conceives. The waiting time to first conception plays an important role in determination of level of fecundability of a female. The objective of the study is to observe factors affecting the duration of waiting time to first conception through Cox's proportional hazards model (semi-parametric regression) and Weibull regression (a parametric regression). The data has been used for the analysis is taken from NFHS-III for the females of Uttar Pradesh.