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Mind the Gap: Temporal trends in Inequalities in infant and child mortality in India (1992–2016)
Authors: Bhatia M, Ranjan M, Dixit P, and Dwivedi LK.
Source: SSM: Population Health, 5: 201-209; DOI: 10.1016/j.ssmph.2018.05.001
Topic(s): Child health
Childhood mortality
Infant mortality
Country: Asia
Published: MAY 2018
Abstract: Temporal trends in inequalities in infant and child mortality over two and half decades in India.•Relative change in inequalities in child mortality over survey periods.•Scatter plots to identify states with largest inequalities among wealth index groups.•Concentration Index by various background characteristics and decomposition analysis to identify factors contributing in inequality in infant mortality between richest and poorest groups.•Gap between the poorest and richest groups has narrowed in most states in India in recent years.