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Identifying geospatial patterns in wealth disparity in child malnutrition across 640 districts in India
Authors: Lathan Liou, Rockli Kim, and S.V. Subramanian
Source: SSM: Population Health, 10: 100524; DOI: 10.1016/j.ssmph.2019.100524
Topic(s): Anemia
Birth weight
Child health
Children under five
District-level estimates
Health equity
Country: Asia
Published: APR 2020
Abstract: We assessed district-level geospatial trends in precision weighted prevalence and absolute wealth disparity in stunting, underweight, wasting, low birthweight, and anemia among children under five in India. The largest wealth disparities were found for anthropometric failures and substantial variation existed across states. We identified statistically significant (p < 0.001) geospatial patterns in district-wide wealth disparities for all outcomes, which differed from geospatial patterns for the overall prevalence. We characterized each district as either a “Disparity”, “Pitfall”, “Intensity”, or “Prosperity” area based on its overall burden and wealth disparity, as well as discuss the importance of considering both measures for geographically-targeted public health interventions to improve health equity.