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Unfolding Contraceptive Technology: Where Indian Population Stands Today?
Authors: Kalyan B. Saha, D.C. Jain and Uma C. Saha
Source: Journal of Human Ecology, 20(2): 125-128
Topic(s): Birth interval
Health care utilization
Service utilization
Country: Asia
Published: JUN 2006
Abstract: ABSTRACT The spurt in contraceptive technology particularly in spacing methods has opened up a wide variety of contraceptive choice for the potential user all over the world. India inspite of having national programs for family planning for long could not make proper use of the same. Sterilization still today remains the mainstay of the program. The current use of spacing methods in India is 7%. People still today are unaware of the importance of use and effectiveness of the spacing methods. Add to this the family planning delivery system is also not completely successful in reaching the methods to the target population and failed to achieve its goal to provide planned family to the nation. Under this situation the Indian population is far away and could not make use of the spurt in the contraceptive technology. Rigorous IEC on family planning, promoting spacing methods (introducing the use effectiveness of the new methods) and consolidating the national programme on family welfare and strengthening the outreach services can bring better results.