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What impact does antenatal and postnatal care have on neonatal deaths in low- and lower-middle-income countries? Evidence from Bangladesh
Authors: Tasnima Akter, Angela Dawson, and David Sibbritt
Source: Health Care for Women International, DOI:
Topic(s): Antenatal care
Neonatal mortality
Postnatal care
Country: Asia
Published: JUN 2017
Abstract: We investigated the contribution of antenatal and postnatal care in reducing the risk of neonatal deaths in Bangladesh. The effects of these services were examined using adjusted Cox regression models and secondary data with 7,314 live-born infants. We observed that neonatal mortality was significantly decreased for newborns whose mothers' attended antenatal care services but postnatal care did not show any effect. Health promotion programs offering antenatal care in Bangladesh and other low- and lower-middle-income countries may build awareness about these practices. Further research is required to examine the reasons for the lack of impact of postnatal care on mortality.