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Household Wealth, Decision-Making, and High-Parity Pregnancies in Nigeria
Authors: Bola Lukman Solanke
Source: Women's Reproductive Health, DOI:
Topic(s): Family planning
Household decision-making
Multiple birth
Wealth Index
Country: Africa
Published: DEC 2020
Abstract: Existing studies have associated a number of issues with high-parity pregnancies. However, the extent to which household wealth and decision-making are associated with high-parity pregnancies has not been explored, hence this study. I analyzed data from a weighted sample of 11,889 women extracted from the 2018 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS). A mixed-effects logistic regression was applied. Across the fitted models, the odds of high-parity pregnancies reduced consistently as household wealth improved, and women who do not participate in household decision-making consistently had greater odds of high-parity pregnancies.