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Impact of Spousal Violence on Child Health and Life Prospects: Evidence from Pakistan Demographic Health Survey 2012-13
Authors: Saeeda Batool, Ishfaq Gul, Sajida Naz, Sehar-Un-Nisa Hassan, and G. Husain
Source: Pakistan Paediatric Journal, Volume 42
Topic(s): Birth weight
Child health
Domestic violence
Infant mortality
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Country: Asia
Published: SEP 2018
Abstract: Background: There is need to highlight the impact of social factors such as spousal violence which is often considered as a negligible issue by parents as well as health consultants in terms of influencing child health and mortality. Methods: In the current study, data from the most recent demographic health survey of Pakistan (PDHS 2012-13) was used to assess the impact of spousal violence on child health (low birth-weight, child vaccination status) as well as on child and infant mortality through logistic regression model. Results: Findings revealed that spousal violence increase the risk for child and infant mortality, low birth weights and decreases the likelihood for complete immunization. In multivariate analysis, physical violence (OR 1.35; 95% CI 0.96-1.89) and severe forms of violence (OR 1.49; 95% CI 1.04-2.13) significantly increase the risk for low birth-weights whereas combined forms of violence negatively influence child immunization (OR 0.51; 95% CI 0.27-0.94). Age, education, wealth index and work status of women were relevant factors for child and infant mortality. Conclusions: Spousal violence has significant role in influencing child health thus appropriate measures be taken to prevent its occurrence. Active engagement of all stakeholders will be required to achieve better health for children in Pakistan.