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Age disparities in unmet need for contraception among all sexually active women in Colombia: Demographic Health Survey 2015
Authors: Sharon Sanchez-Franco and Catalina Gonzalez-Uribe
Source: Women & Health, DOI: 10.1080/03630242.2021.1936350
Topic(s): Contraception
Unmet need
Country: Latin American/Caribbean
Published: JUL 2021
Abstract: The Unmet need for contraception increases unintended pregnancies and jeopardizes women's health and reproductive rights. Social determinants are associated with an unmet need for contraception. Still, it is unclear if age is a social determinant of disparities in reproductive health-related outcomes in all Colombian women regardless of marital status. This study used the 2015 Colombian Demographic and Health Survey to determine the unmet need for contraception among 24,245 sexually active women aged 13-49. Age was associated with the unmet need for contraception using a multivariate analysis. Absolute and relative inequalities were estimated using differences in prevalence and odds ratios, respectively. The prevalence of unmet need for contraception was significantly higher in married women aged 13-19 years old (19.8%) than their unmarried counterparts (16.8%), and all older age groups either married or unmarried. Women 13-19 years old [OR = 2.98 (2.49-3.57)] and 20-29 years old [OR = 1.71(1.48-1.97)] are more likely to have an unmet need for contraception than those 40-49 years old. Age disparities are barriers to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals for sexual and reproductive health. Cultural, social, and access barriers demand societies to tailor health care services to meet younger women's needs to narrow the age gap.