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Determinants and levels of cervical Cancer screening uptake among women of reproductive age in South Africa: evidence from South Africa Demographic and health survey data, 2016
Authors: Monica Ewomazino Akokuwebe, Erhabor Sunday Idemudia, Abiel M. Lekulo, and Ogone Warona Motlogeloa
Source: BMC Public Health, Volume 21, article number: 2013; DOI:
Topic(s): Women's health
Country: Africa
  South Africa
Published: NOV 2021
Abstract: Background: Cervical cancer (CC) is the cancer with the most incidents and the leading cause of cancer mortality among women in South Africa. CC screening is one of the most cost-effective control approaches for the disease burden. This study assessed the determinants and individual-level indicators of cervical cancer screening uptake among women of reproductive age in South Africa. Methods: We analyzed data from the 2016 South Africa Demographic Health Survey. Our analysis focused on 5903 women (15–49?years). We conducted Chi-square test for bivariate analysis, and multivariate binary logistics regression was used to analyze independent association between individual-level factors and women who have had Pap smear testing. Statistical significance was set at p