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Investigation of some factors associated with utilization of maternal health care services by adolescent mothers in Tanzania
Authors: Elia Magwaja, Jacqueline Minja, Majige Selemani Budeba, Rocky R.J. Akarro
Source: Tanzania Journal of Science, Volume 47, issue2; DOI: 10.4314/tjs.v47i2.39
Topic(s): Maternal health
Country: Africa
Published: JUN 2021
Abstract: This study examined some factors associated with the utilization of maternal health care services by adolescent mothers (15-19 years) in Tanzania in order to provide advice accordingly. The study used cross-sectional study of adolescent mothers aged 15-19 years using Demographic Health Survey and Malaria indicator Survey 2015/16 data. The dependent variables were number of antenatal care visits, the place where an adolescent mother delivered and post-natal checkup (adolescent mother’s health checking after being discharged or after a home delivery). The independent variables were birth order, education level of a mother, marital status of a mother, media exposure, wealth index, distance to health facility. Multiple binary logistic regression was used to examine an association between each dependent variable and their respective independent variables. Data was analyzed using IBM SPSS statistics and STATA. This study used 550 adolescent mothers in the analysis. Majority of the adolescent mothers had less than four Antenatal Care (ANC) visits (53.5%), while 68.5% of adolescent mothers delivered at a health facility. Adolescent mothers with two or more children had less odds of having at least four ANCs compared to those with one child, whereas adolescent mothers with at least secondary education had greater odds of delivering at a health facility compared to those who had no education. Adolescent mothers who had at least four antenatal care visits and those who are married had greater odds of checking their health after being discharged compared to adolescent mothers who had less than 4 ANCs and single adolescent mothers. It was advised that provision of maternal education to young girls on the importance of safe delivery and health checking after delivery is very important to reduce adolescent maternal morbidity and mortality in the country.