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Faith and child survival: the role of religion in childhood immunization in Nigeria
Authors: Antai, D.
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science, 2009 Jan; 41(1):57-76.
Topic(s): Immunization
Country: Africa
Published: JAN 2009
Abstract: Abstract This study assessed the role of mother's religious affiliation in child immunization status of surviving children 12 months of age and older in Nigeria, using data from the 2003 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS). Guided by two competing hypotheses--the 'characteristics hypothesis' and the 'particularized theology hypothesis'--variations in the risks of child immunization in Nigeria were examined using logistic regression analysis. The results indicate that religion plays a role in the risk of non-immunization; religion was not associated with the risk of partial immunization; however, religion was significantly associated with the reduced risk of full immunization.