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Women empowerment as measure of good governance in Nigeria
Authors: C. Acha
Source: International Journal of Natural and Applies Sciences, Vol 5, No 2 (2009)
Topic(s): Women’s empowerment
Country: Africa
Published: MAY 2009
Abstract: Abstract This paper discussed the status of women empowerment as a measure of sustainable good governance in Nigeria. The study examines the variables used as measures of women empowerment. Information were derived from secondary data drawn mainly from 2003 Nigeria Demographic and Health survey (NDHS), and compared with those from selected developing countries including 2003 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey (GDHS), 2004 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey (MDHS), 2004 Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS), and the 2005 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (EDHB). The results of the analyses showed that the status of women in Nigeria in relation to those of women in the selected countries had not improved substantially in the areas of education and participation in family decision-making among others. Indeed, they were below the linear target path and there was virtually no realistic hope for rural areas in any of the countries to meet the goal. Keywords: Women, governance, demographic/Health survey, education, rural areas, Nigeria