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DHSOlympics Infographic

DHSOlympics Photo Guidelines

MEASURE DHS is inviting photographers, novice and advanced, to share their work for educational and promotional use. By submitting their images, participants contribute to a growing collection, helping MEASURE DHS communicate health data translation and usage worldwide.  We have limited images of developing countries to utilize for our publications.  We need you to help us build our image library of women, men and children in developing countries where we conduct surveys.

MEASURE DHS encourages those who are interested in our work and data to participate.

  • Contest participants understand that when the contest is over, their entries are eligible for inclusion in the general MEASURE DHS collection, upon which their photos may be used to promote health and demographic data reports.
  • Participation in the contest does NOT require you to forfeit your copyright.

The best of the photographs submitted will be utilized throughout the #DHSOlympics social media campaign.  Images submitted are subject to inclusion of future MEASURE DHS publications, including but not limited to presentations, key findings reports, brochures and posters.  All photographs used within #DHSOlympics and future publications will be properly cited with photographer's name.


General Guidelines

  • All entries must be submitted through the MEASURE DHS'S Facebook site www.facebook.com\MEASUREDHS or measuredhs2008@gmail.com.
  • Any individual or organization is welcome to participate (including both amateur and professional photographers).
  • At a minimum, digital images must be approximately 1600x1200 pixels. Photos below the minimum resolution, collages, and altered images are not eligible for consideration.
  • Entries that violate copyright or the laws of the country in which they were taken are not acceptable.
  • Images must be obtained in a fair and ethical practice under the protocols of editorial photography.

July 26, 2012

DHSOlympics Image 1

July 27, 2012

2008 DHS Survey Countries

July 29, 2012

DHSOlympics Kenya

July 30, 2012

DHSOlympics Thank You Moms

July 31, 2012

DHSOlympics Philippines

August 1, 2012

DHSOlympics India

August 2, 2012


August 3, 2012

DHSOlympics Youth

August 4, 2012

DHSOlympics Peru

August 5, 2012

DHSOlympics Marathon Statcompiler

August 6, 2012

DHSOlympics Togo

August 8, 2012

DHSOlympics Malawi

August 9, 2012

DHSOlympics Football

August 10, 2012

DHSOlympics Decathlon

August 12, 2012

DHSOlympics Uganda VOlleyball

For more information, please contact socialmedia@measuredhs.com.