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ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
FA130 Trends in Internal Migration and Women's Empowerment in Pakistan, 2012-2018 (English) 03/2020 Further Analysis Yes
FA129 Trends, Differentials, and Determinants of Modern Contraceptive Use in Pakistan, 1990-2018 (English) 03/2020 Further Analysis Yes
WP155 Predictors of Modern Contraceptive Use and Fertility Preferences among Men in Myanmar: Further Analysis of the 2015-16 Demographic and Health Survey (English) 07/2019 Working Papers Yes
AS69 Trends, Inequalities, and Contextual Determinants of Child Marriage in Asia (English) 07/2019 Analytical Studies Yes
WP146 Empowerment and Barriers to Health Care Access among Currently Married Women: Secondary Data Analysis of the 2015-16 Myanmar Demographic and Health Survey (English) 06/2019 Working Papers Yes
WP143 Women's Empowerment in Myanmar: An Analysis of DHS Data for Married Women Age 15-49 (English) 04/2019 Working Papers Yes
FA116 Youth Health in Nepal: Levels, Trends, and Determinants (English) 01/2019 Further Analysis No
OP11 Potential Implications of the Ghana and Nepal Follow-Up Studies for DHS Questionnaires and Fieldwork Procedures (English) 09/2018 Occasional Papers Yes
AS64 Does Men's Involvement Improve the Health Outcomes of Their Partners and Children? (English) 07/2018 Analytical Studies Yes
CR45 Sexual and Reproductive Health in Early and Later Adolescence: DHS Data on Youth Age 10-19 (English) 08/2017 Comparative Reports Yes
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