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OTHER MATERIALS - Other Documents
ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
OD77 Best Practices for Quality Anthropometric Data Collection at The DHS Program (English) 09/2019 Other Documents No
OD76 2017 Niger DHS: Distribution of Data and Results Cancelled (English) 07/2019 Other Documents No
OD78 Benin Malaria Indicator Trends - Outputs from a DHS Program Workshop on Data Use (English, French) 04/2019 Other Documents No
OD74 MEETING REPORT - Prioritization of Nutrition (English) 12/2018 Other Documents No
OD72 Ghana Malaria Indicator Trends: Outputs from a DHS Program Workshop (English) 12/2018 Other Documents No
OD73 Data Quality Evaluation of the Niger 2017 Demographic and Health Survey (English, French) 09/2018 Other Documents No
OD70 Barriers to Family Planning Use in Eastern Nepal - English Questionnaire (English) 05/2018 Other Documents No
OD75 MEETING REPORT - Use of dried blood spot specimens to measure retinal-binding protein (English) 03/2018 Other Documents No
OD71 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) County-level KDHS Data: Outputs from a DHS Workshop (English) 12/2017 Other Documents No
OD69 Bangladesh DHS 2014: Three Qualitative Studies (English) 03/2016 Other Documents Yes
OD68 Unmet Need for Modern Contraception among Young Women: Supplement to DHS Comparative Reports No. 34 (English) 05/2015 Other Documents No
OD67 Comparative Analysis of a Proxy Measurement of Vaginal Fistula: Supplement to DHS Analytical Studies No. 17 (English) 05/2015 Other Documents No
OD66 Women's Lives and Challenges: Equality and Empowerment since 2000 (English) 03/2014 Other Documents Yes
OD65 HIV Prevalence Estimates - Updated July 2012 (English) 07/2012 Other Documents Yes
OD63 Revising Unmet Need: In Brief - Analysis Summary from MEASURE DHS (English, French) 01/2012 Other Documents No
OD62 Estimations de la prévalence du VIH - Mis à jour juin 2010 (French) 06/2010 Other Documents Yes
OD61 HIV Prevalence Estimates - Updated June 2010 (English) 06/2010 Other Documents Yes
OD60 Millennium Development Goals in Ghana (English) 04/2010 Other Documents No
OD59 A Profile of Youth in India (English) 08/2009 Other Documents No
OD58 Health and Living Conditions in Eight Indian Cities (English) 08/2009 Other Documents No
OD57 Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in India (English) 08/2009 Other Documents No
OD56 Nutrition in India (English) 08/2009 Other Documents No
OD53 Finding the Missing Maternal and Paternal Orphans (English) 09/2008 Other Documents Yes
OD52 Estimations de la prévalence du VIH (French) 07/2008 Other Documents Yes
OD51 HIV Prevalence Estimates (English) 07/2008 Other Documents Yes
OD50 HIV/AIDS in Haiti: Key Findings of the Mortality, Morbidity, and Utilization of Services Survey EMMUS-IV 2005-2006 (English, French) 04/2008 Other Documents Yes
OD46 Trends in Youth Reproductive Health in Ethiopia, 2000 and 2005 (English) 04/2008 Other Documents Yes
OD44 Policy Recommendations Based on the Major Findings of the 2004-05 Uganda HIV/AIDS Sero-Behavioural Survey (English) 09/2007 Other Documents Yes
OD45 Women's Health in Tanzania (English) 07/2007 Other Documents No
OD39 Profil de la Violence Domestique - Une étude dans plusieurs pays (French) 12/2006 Other Documents Yes
OD38 Perfil de la Violencia Doméstica - Un Estudio en Varios Países (Spanish) 12/2006 Other Documents Yes
OD40 Women's Lives and Experiences: Changes in the Past Ten Years (English) 08/2006 Other Documents Yes
OD42 Collecting Data for National Indicators on Children Orphaned and Made Vulnerable by AIDS: A Methodological Report (English) 06/2006 Other Documents No
OD32 A Focus on Gender: Collected Papers on Gender Using DHS Data (English) 08/2005 Other Documents Yes
OD35 Study of Children in Children's Homes in Nepal - Volume I: Main Text (English) 06/2005 Other Documents Yes
OD41 Connecting People to Useful Information - Guidelines for Effective Data Presentations (English) 12/2004 Other Documents No
OD31 Profiling Domestic Violence; A Multi-Country Study (English) 06/2004 Other Documents Yes
OD49 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Zarqa Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 03/2004 Other Documents No
OD48 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Irbid Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 03/2004 Other Documents No
OD47 Jordan - Population and Family Health Survey 2002 - Amman Governorate Report (Arabic, English) 03/2004 Other Documents No
OD28 Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health in Eastern Europe and Eurasia: A Comparative Report (English) 04/2003 Other Documents No
OD30 Indicateurs de Genre en Mauritanie (French) 03/2003 Other Documents Yes
OD27 Profil des femmes en Haiti; Resultats de l'Enquete Mortalite et Utilisation des Services EMMUS-III 2000 (French) 11/2002 Other Documents Yes
OD25 Youth Reproductive Health in Ethiopia (English) 11/2002 Other Documents No
OD23 Reproductive Health of Young Adults in Uganda (English) 07/2002 Other Documents No
OD26 Profil des jeunes femmes et des jeunes hommes en Haiti (French) 06/2002 Other Documents No
OD17 Estimating Sampling Errors of Means, Total Fertility, and Childhood Mortality Rates Using SAS (English, French) 12/2001 Other Documents Yes
OD19 Petén: Salud, Migración y Recursos Naturales - Resultados del Módulo Ambiental en la Encuesta de Salud Materno Infantil 1999 (Spanish) 11/2001 Other Documents Yes
OD22 Anemia Testing in Population-Based Surveys (English) 06/2000 Other Documents Yes
OD11 Family Planning and Reproductive Health Survey (English) 05/2000 Other Documents No
OD13 Anemia Testing Manual for Population-Based Surveys (English) 01/2000 Other Documents Yes
OD14 L'excision et la socialisation des adolescentes en Guinde (English, French) 12/1999 Other Documents No
OD20 Guatemala Salud Materno Infantil en los Departamentos del Altiplano (Spanish) 12/1999 Other Documents Yes
OD9 Morocco National Survey on Maternal & Child Health (PAPCHILD), 1996/97 (English, French) 06/1999 Other Documents Yes
OD8 Enquêtes Démographiques et de Santé en Afrique de l'Ouest (French) 06/1999 Other Documents Yes
OD15 Fécondité, planification familiale et santé de la mére et de l'enfant au - Niger Situation régionale (French) 05/1999 Other Documents No
OD37 Replacement of Abortion by Contraception - In Three Central Asian Republics (English) 08/1998 Other Documents No
OD7 The Male Role in Fertility, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health (English, French) 12/1997 Other Documents No
OD6 Female Genital Cutting (English) 09/1997 Other Documents Yes
OD18 Santé de la mère et de l'enfant au Maroc - Situation régionale (English) 05/1995 Other Documents No
OD16 Women's Lives and Experiences (English) 08/1994 Other Documents Yes
OD5 Fertility Patterns and their Determinants in Zambia: Findings from the Zambia Demographic and Health Survey (English) 04/1994 Other Documents Yes
OD3 Fertility Trends and Determinants in Six African Countries: DHS Regional Analysis Workshop for Anglophone Africa (English) 04/1994 Other Documents No
OD10 Fertility Levels, Trends, and Socioeconomic Differentials: Findings from the Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (English) 04/1994 Other Documents No
OD2 Población y Salud en América Latina (Spanish) 03/1993 Other Documents Yes
OD1 Population and Health Data for Latin America (English) 03/1993 Other Documents Yes