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Factors Associated with Maternal Health Service Utilization in Cote d’Ivoire: Analysis of the 2011 Ivorian Demographic and Health Survey
Authors: Kpebo Djoukou Olga Denise, Koumi Mélèdje Marie-Dorothée, Agbré Yacé Marie-Laurette, Tano-Kamelan Akoua, Essis Esme Marie Laure, Yavo Williams, and Kouassi Dinard
Source: Science Journal of Public Health, 7(4): 115-122; DOI: 10.11648/j.sjph.20190704.12
Topic(s): Health care utilization
Maternal health
Country: Africa
  Cote D'Ivoire
Published: AUG 2019
Abstract: Adequate and timely utilization of maternal health services, namely antenatal care and skilled birth attendants, represents a significant intervention for reducing maternal deaths. In Cote d'Ivoire, despite a very high maternal mortality ratio, these services are poorly used. Understanding the factors influencing such poor utilization is critical in designing effective strategies to address this problem. The objective of this study was to analyze factors associated with the use of ANC and Skilled Births Attendants in Cote d’Ivoire. Using data from the 2011 Ivorian Demographic and Health Survey, multivariate logistic regression analysis was conducted to explore determinants of ANC attendance and Skilled Births Attendants at delivery, among 15-49 years old women. Results showed that the coverage of at least 4 ANC and SBA at delivery were low, 43,4% and 59,1% respectively. Factors associated with the use of these services were women's and partner's education, household wealth index, media exposure, women's autonomy in health-related decision making and parity. Besides, utilization of at least 4 ANC was also positively associated with the presence of a skilled attendant at birth. These results imply that the determinants of maternal health service utilization are multi-sectoral and thus, need a multi-sectoral approach to tackle it. Policy makers, program managers, and researchers should also explore effective ways of increasing service utilization among less educated women, women from poor households, multipara, and those who are not achieving ANC. Keywords Antenatal Care, Skilled Delivery Attendant, Maternal Health Service, Determinants, Cote d’Ivoire