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Intimate partner violence and contraceptive discontinuation in Kenya
Authors: Kerry L. D. MacQuarrie and Lindsay Mallick
Source: African Journal of Reproductive Health, Vol. 25, No. 2; DOI: 10.29063/ajrh2021/v25i2.2
Topic(s): Contraception
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Country: Africa
Published: APR 2021
Abstract: Intimate partner violence (IPV) may interfere with women’s contraceptive use. This study analyzed IPV and discontinuation while still in need (DWSIN) using detailed contraceptive calendar data from the 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey and measures of IPV experience in the same 12-month observation period. Using multivariable regression analysis, it examined three forms of violence separately—emotional, physical, and sexual violence—and any IPV combined among 1,437 married women age 15-49 who were using a contraceptive method twelve months prior to the interview. DWSIN varied with the form of violence assessed. Emotional violence (odds ratio (OR) = 2.13, p<0.01) and any IPV (OR=1.88, p<0.05) were strongly, positively associated with higher odds of DWSIN. Sexual violence was weakly associated with higher odds of DWSIN, while there was no detected association with physical violence. Integrating IPV screening into family planning counseling may reduce DWSIN and support women to achieve their reproductive aspirations.