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Prevalence, trend and determinants of adolescent childbearing in Burundi: a multilevel analysis of the 1987 to 2016–17 Burundi Demographic and Health Surveys data
Authors: Jean Claude Nibaruta, Bella Kamana, Mohamed Chahboune, Milouda Chebabe, Saad Elmadani, Jack E. Turman Jr., Morad Guennouni, Hakima Amor, Abdellatif Baali and Noureddine Elkhoudri
Source: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth , Volume 22, issue 673; DOI:
Topic(s): Maternal health
Pregnancy outcomes
Country: Africa
Published: SEP 2022
Abstract: Background: Very little is known about factors influencing adolescent childbearing despite an upward trend in adolescent childbearing prevalence in Burundi, and its perceived implications on the rapid population growth and ill-health of young mothers and their babies. To adress this gap, this study aimed to examine the prevalence, trends and determinants of adolescent childbearing in Burundi. Methods: Secondary analyses of the 1987, 2010 and 2016–17 Burundi Demographic and Health Surveys (BDHS) data were conducted using STATA. Weighted samples of 731 (1987 BDHS), 2359 (2010 BDHS) and 3859 (2016-17BDHS) adolescent girls aged 15–19?years old were used for descriptive and trend analyses. Both bivariable and multivariable two-level logistic regression analyses were performed to identify the main factors associated with adolescent childbearing using only the 2016–17 BDHS data. Results: The prevalence of adolescent childbearing increased from 5.9% in 1987 to 8.3% in 2016/17. Factors such as adolescent girls aged 18–19?years old (aOR =5.85, 95% CI: 3.54–9.65, p?