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Comparative Reports
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Child Health and Development, Infant and Child Mortality, Maternal Health, Maternal Mortality
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Wang, Wenjuan, Soumya Alva, Shanxiao Wang, and Alfredo Fort. 2011. Levels and Trends in the Use of Maternal Health Services in Developing Countries. DHS Comparative Reports No. 26. Calverton, Maryland, USA: ICF Macro.
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June 2011
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Small PDF IconLevels and Trends in the Use of Maternal Health Services in Developing Countries (PDF, 2644K)
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This study aims to contribute to the understanding of use of key maternal health services in the past two decades in developing countries. Such services are potentially important determinants of maternal and child mortality, and many other health outcomes of mothers and children. We analyze the current levels, trends and correlations in use of antenatal care, skilled birth attendance and postnatal care, along with differentials in use of these services by women's demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. The study uses Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data from 1990 to 2009 in 38 countries in four regions: sub-Saharan Africa; North Africa/West Asia/Europe; South/Southeast Asia; and Latin America and the Caribbean.


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