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Comparative Reports
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Anemia, Gender, Nutrition
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Loaiza, Edilberto. 1997. Maternal Nutritional Status. DHS Comparative Studies No. 24. Calverton, Maryland, USA: Macro International
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December 1997
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This report presents cross-country comparisons of the nutritional status of women who have children born in the five years preceding the survey. It also analyzes the differentials in nutritional status levels by selected demographic, socioeconomic, and health-related characteristics. Three general patterns are identified: 1) The African patterns shows high levels of chronic energy deficiency and low levels of obesity. Women tend to be tall and thin, with 10 percent or more of the mothers classified as malnourished. 2) The Near East/North Africa pattern has low levels of chronic energy deficiency but high levels of obesity. 3) The Latin America pattern has relatively low levels of chronic energy deficiency and moderate levels of obesity.


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