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Comparative Reports
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Family Planning
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Rutenberg, Naomi, Mohamed Ayad, Luis Hernando Ochoa, and Marilyn Wilkinson. 1991. Knowledge and Use of Contraception. DHS Comparative Studies No. 6. Columbia, Maryland, USA: Macro International
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July 1991
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Small PDF IconKnowledge and Use of Contraception (PDF, 3900K)
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This report summarizes and compares results from 25 of the 27 national surveys of women carried out during the first five-year phase of the DHS program (DHS I). In this report, the DHS questionnaire is described and relevant terms are defined; data on knowledge, ever-use and current use of contraception is analyzed and compared; and trends and general conclusions are offered. Detailed tables analyzing the data not only by country and by method, but also by socioeconomic and demographic variables, are presented in the appendices.


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