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Further Analysis
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Child Health and Development, Education, Family Planning, Maternal Health, Nutrition
Thailand DHS, 1987
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Institute of Population Studies at Chulalongkorn University. 1989. Health and Population Studies Based on the 1987 Thailand Demographic Health Survey. DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 1. Columbia, Maryland, USA: Institute for Resource Development/Macro Systems, Inc.
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December 1989
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"Child Immunization in Thailand: An Analysis of DHS Data" by Pichit Pitaktepsombati, John Knodel, and Raphiphat Kasemsook. "Infant Feeding Practices in Thailand: An Update from the 1987 Demographic and Health Survey" by Napaporn Chayovan, John Kodel, and Kua Wongboosin. "Occurrence and Correlates of Diarrhea Among Thai Children" by Aurapin Bunnag, Pralom Sakuntanaga, and Kua Wongboosin. "Nutritional Status of Children as Measured by Height and Weight" by Chawalit Suntikitrungruang and Mayuree Nokyoongthong. "Maternal Health Care: Recent Trends, Differentials, and Correlates" by Pichit Pitaktepsombati and Kua Wongboosin. "Contraceptive Initiation Patterns in Thailand" by John Knodel and Napaporn Chayovan. "Oral Contraceptive Use" by Siriwan Siriboon and Chanpen Saengtienchai. "Contraceptive Sterilization in Thailand" by Pichit Pitaktepsombati and Barbara Janowitz. "Educational Expectations and Attainment Patterns for Thai Children" by John Knodel and Malinee Wongsith. "Marriage Registration Among Thai Women" by Napaporn Chayovan. "Analysis of Postnupial Residence Patterns of Thai Women" by Bhassom Limanonda.


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