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Further Analysis
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Family Planning
Nepal DHS, 1996
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Nepalese Ministry of Health and Macro International. 1997. Insights on Family Health Issues in Nepal. DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 17. Calverton, Maryland, USA: Macro International
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July 1997
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The articles in this Further Analysis paper are: "Programme Options To Meet Unmet Need" by Ajit Pradhan and Bharat Ban. "Patterns And Determinants Of Health Care Utilization" by Gokarna P.S. Regmi and Mangala Manandhar. "Health Care Factors Related To Early Infant Survival In Nepal" by Prakash Dev Pant and Laxmi Bilas Acharya "Media Exposure And Reproductive Behavior" Badri P. Niroula and Laxmi Raman Ban "Attitudes Towards Family Planning And Reasons For Nonuse Among Women With Unmet Need For Family Planning In Nepal" by Ram Hari Aryal and Tek Bahadur Dangi.


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