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Family Planning
Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago DHS, 1987
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Abdulah, Norma. 1990. Selection, Change, and Discontinuation of Contraceptive Method in Trinidad and Tobago. DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 4. Columbia, Maryland, USA: Institute for Resource Development/Macro Systems Inc.
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March 1990
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As a result of Trinidad and Tobago's migration history, the contemporary population enjoys a large measure of heterogeneity. The two main ethnic groups-- persons of Indian and of African descent-- together account for 82 percent of the population. Diversity of culture, including religion and patterns of family formation, remain. The paper explores the extent to which the use of contraceptives generally, the choice of specific methods, and the shifting and/or discontinuation of these methods vary according to the demographic characteristics of the women.


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