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Curtis, Sian L., and Charles R. Hammerslough. 1995. Model Further Analysis Plan: Contraceptive Use Dynamics. DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 59. Calverton, Maryland, USA: Macro International
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August 1995
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This document is a model plan for the further analysis of data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) in the area of contraceptive use dynamics. It is one of a series of such plans prepared by the DHS program that are designed for use by researchers as a resource for developing country-specific further analysis plans. It is arranged in eight sections that cover a number of analyses of contraceptive use dynamics that can be conducted using the calendar data collected in some DHS-II and DHS-III surveys. These data are available only in DHS-II and DHS-III surveys that implemented the A-core questionnaire for high prevalence countries.


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