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Further Analysis
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Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Infant and Child Mortality, Wealth/Socioeconomics
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Bronfman, Mario, Brígida García, Fátima Juárez, Orlandina de Oliveira, and Julieta Quilodrán. 1990. Social Sectors and Reproduction in Mexico. DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 7. Columbia, Maryland, USA: Institute for Resource Development/Macro Systems Inc.
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April 1990
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This document reports the main findings of the project on "Social Sectors and Reproduction in Mexico," which is based on the National Fertility and Health Survey for Mexico, ENFES, conducted in 1987. The report is actually subdivided into four independent research analyses concerning nuptiality, fertility, infant mortality, and female work, which share a central focus for understanding the socio-demographic behavior of different sectors of Mexican society.


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