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Further Analysis
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Child Health and Development, Nutrition
Mali DHS, 2012-13
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Castle, Sarah, Rachel Scott, and Soumaila Mariko. 2014. Child Health and Nutrition in Mali: Further Analysis of The 2012-13 Demographic and Health Survey. DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 92. Rockville, Maryland, USA: ICF International.
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September 2014
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This report investigates a set of 19 child health indicators using the 2012-13 Mali DHS and, where relevant, the 2006 Mali DHS. In addition to national-level estimates of these indicators, this report examines the distribution of child health indicators across selected socioeconomic characteristics. Namely, this report examines possible inequality by place of residence (urban or rural), maternal education, and household wealth quintile. Where relevant, the distribution of certain child health indicators by age and sex of the child is also examined. This report finds that significant inequalities exist across multiple measures of socioeconomic status in nearly all health indicators and that these inequalities have not lessened over time. Poor health outcomes in all but the richest households indicate that children in Mali experience generalized deprivation. This finding suggests that broad-ased, universal strategies rather than targeted strategies to service delivery may be warranted.


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