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Qualitative Research Studies
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Henry, Rebecca and Linnea Carlson. 2005. Factors That Influence Women’s Uptake of PMTCT Interventions in Georgetown, Guyana. DHS Qualitative Research Studies No. 11. Calverton, Maryland, USA: ORC Macro.
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December 2005
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Small PDF IconFactors that Influence Women's Uptake of PMTCT Interventions in Georgetown, Guyana (PDF, 489K)
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The study examined women’s experiences using PMTCT services offered through antenatal clinics in Georgetown Guyana. The study sought to understand how women who tested positive for HIV were or were not completing all the steps recommended by antenatal care providers to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child during labor and delivery. Those steps include taking a prophylactic dose of nevirapine during labor, and giving a dose to the newborn during the first three days after delivery.


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