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Yoder, P. Stanley, Anne R. Katahoire, David Kyaddondo, Zainab Akol, Rebecca Bunnell, and Frank Kaharuza. 2006. Home-Based HIV Testing and Counseling in a Survey Context in Uganda. DHS Qualitative Research Studies No. 12. Calverton, Maryland, USA: ORC Macro.
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August 2006
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Small PDF IconHome-Based HIV Testing and Counselling in a Survey Context in Uganda (PDF, 558K)
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This study was undertaken to monitor the experience of survey respondents who were given the opportunity to give blood for an HIV test, and to learn their results the next day at home or at a local health center. A second phase involved return visits to households where someone had received HIV test results to determine how test results were shared with family and friends, and if there were any social repercussions from having been tested and given test results. The process of obtaining informed consent was observed, and respondents were interviewed after giving blood and also after being counseled.


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