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Lugalla, Joe L.P., Charles Mlwande Madihi, Huruma L. Sigalla, Nipael E. Mrutu, and P. Stanley Yoder. 2008. Social Context of Disclosing HIV Test Results: HIV Testing in Tanzania. DHS Qualitative Research Studies No. 15. Calverton, Maryland, USA: Macro International
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September 2008
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Small PDF IconSocial Context of Disclosing HIV Test Results: HIV Testing in Tanzania (PDF, 689K)
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This study examined the circumstances and social contexts in which individuals in Tanzania were tested and counseled for HIV, and patterns in disclosure of test results to partners, family, and friends. The research sought to discover how people experienced these processes based on their own descriptions. The overall objectives of this study were to understand people’s experiences in showing their own HIV test results to others, to discover the pattern of disclosure among individuals tested (whether or not disclosure occurred, to whom, how it was done, after how long), and to discern the role of social relations in facilitating disclosure to others. A better understanding of factors that facilitate disclosure can be useful to programmes that promote disclosure of HIV test results.


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